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Tips and Hacks for Women While Traveling Solo in India

Here are some tips and hacks that a woman should know before going on a solo trip to India. These tips will help them to face many troubles in India.

Sometimes India can be overwhelming for solo female travelers but keeping some right knowledge and a little preparation before visiting this diverse country can be a rewarding experience. So here we have some important tips and hacks that a solo women traveler should keep in mind while visiting India.

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1. Do Your Research

Research travel

Doing a certain amount of homework before visiting India can be the reason for an exciting and rewarding experience of traveling alone in India. Know about Indian culture, traditions, and customs as well. India is growing day by day but the difference between genders and wearing clothes is still prevalent. People may stare at you so ignore such stares and go with a free and open mind.

2. dress appropriately

India is a mix of different types of cultures and traditions and the dress code for women is different in every region. So it would be great for you to take a cue from the locals and dress accordingly.

To prevent yourself from those ghoulish stares, you should avoid wearing skimpy clothes, miniskirts, or anything transparent or very tight.

3. Don’t Get Overdrunk in Night Parties

Dance club Night Parties

While going in night parties and functions in India, just don’t get overdrunk because some people with wrong intentions can be dangerous for you.

4. Don’t Get Over-friendly with Strangers 

While talking with strangers, it is important not to get overfriendly or reveal many details about yourself. Also, don’t reveal your contact numbers or hotel addresses. Always remember that peoples, especially men, get more friendly for something more.

5. Be Careful While Hiring Taxis

Rugby Taxi Service

Always be careful while hiring taxis and cabs, make sure that you have hired a taxis or cab from a registered and trusted company. These companies provide a GPS system in their vehicles so that your journey can be tracked. Turn on your GPS and make sure that the driver is taking through the right route.

6. Be Confident and Aware

There are certain places in India that are more prone to crime so always keep an eye your surroundings. However, Indians are very helpful and kind especially women. So if you ever find yourself in any kind of trouble or dangerous situation, don’t jitter to seek for help.

7. Avoid Night Journeys

Night Journeys

It could be dangerous and risky to travel alone in Night in some cities of India like UP and Delhi. So never travel alone in Night especially in empty public transport buses and taxis.

8. Choose Your Accommodations Wisely

It would be great for you to book your hotel in advance. There are many hotel & resorts in India that not only safe and comfortable but also helps you to meet many other foreign travelers to share your travel experiences with each.

9. Be Aware of Touts and Pick Pockets

Pick Pockets

Always be careful with beggars and pickpockets. Bag-snatching and pick-pocketing are the normal incidents in India so always keep an eye your surroundings.  Also, avoid carrying lots of cash, carry your traveler’s cheques as they are not easy to encash.

10. Keep Some Emergency Numbers Handy

Safety is more important rather than anything. So if you are traveling solo in India or even anywhere in the world keep some emergency numbers handy to avoid any kind of trouble and dangerous situation. Here we have listed some important emergency numbers that you may need:

  • Women Helpline- 181

  • Police – 100

  • Fire – 101

  •  Ambulance – 102

  • Tourist Helpline – 1800-11-1363

11. Learn to Say “NO”

Say NO

Foreign travelers, especially females are treated as a celebrity in India. Many local people will approach you for a selfie and picture, however, clicking pictures with children and families will do not harm you but if a single man approaches you for a picture then saying a “NO” would be great sometimes.

12. Pretend Not to Being Alone

While talking with strangers in India never let them know that you are a solo traveler or traveling alone, pretend as you are with your girlfriends or family.

So these are some tips that you a solo female traveler should always keep in mind while traveling in India. In the beginning, It can be a little challenging for some female solo travelers to visit India but as you spend a couple of days here you would be able to face any kind of challenges in front of you. So if you find these tips helpful then do comment in the comment section below.

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