Tips to Fill Your Dumpster during the Rental Period

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Do You like to play Tetris?

Tetris can be addictive for some. To fit the objects in the correct places, you need to "shuffle" them around. Filling a dumpster can be a bit like playing Tetris. You will need to move things around in order to maximize the space available – regardless if you are using a dumpster trailer or a dumpster.

These are some tips to fill your dumpster

1. Fill evenly from left to right

It can be difficult to maneuver a trailer or dumpster on the roads if it isn't balanced. It is important to make sure that the weight of heavy items on one side of the trailer or dumpster is balanced on the other side. This will make it easier to fill the structure and help distribute it. A 25 yard container, for example, can accommodate heavy trashes if organized

2. Large items should not be placed in the dumpster FIRST

You will be able to see how much space you have left to add smaller items if you start with larger items. You can also add smaller items between larger items. This will allow you to save space (we'll cover the reasons later).

3. Last in First Out!

This applies only to the person who is unloading the trailer or dumpster. If a client fills the dumpster by himself or herself, and does not ask a dumpster rental professionals, it is possible that items are loaded once but then the person(s), filling the structure, notices that the item must be removed from the trailer in order to fit the item in a different manner.


4. Fill in empty spaces

Remember that most dumping companies will charge by the job or the load.

Space is important!

Note: Always ask the dump service at THE START for space conservation questions. Many service providers charge hidden fees, plus a percentage for local taxes. Some dump services might charge extra for the following. Make sure you ask the right questions.

  • Additional costs for disposal or landfill are not included in the advertised rental fee

  • Administrative or paperwork costs

  • Additional weight

  • Additional days are available on the rental side

  • Looking up at the structure's top (height).

How do I get a dumpster?

  • For your home or business, you will need to have junk removed or a rental dumpster

  • You are the "new owner" of illegally dumped trash

  • Cleaning up after a divorce or holiday party is a must

  • General cleanup of estates or after the death of a loved ones

  • A wholesaler who bought a house in disrepair and started renovating it

  • Aftermath of a natural or hurricane disaster

  • A company which is either starting up or rebranding.

  • There are many items that can be donated, recycled, or hauled (according to the requirements of the landfill).


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