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Horse Hoof Radius Rasps and Nippers for Farrier Services Professionals

The hooves of domestic horses need timely care because they always keep on growing. The hooves of wild horses remain in shape because they they regularly walk and run. However, the valuable horses living in stables need someone special to trim and reshape the hooves. A hoof is among the toughest part of horse’s body that require special tools reshaping. Therefore, you need a solid radius horse hoof rasp and nipper tool for professional-grade perfection in the task. In this article, you will come to know about the significance of both tools in detail. 

Horse Hoof Nippers 

The nippers we use at farrier shops are different from the nippers we use at home for twisting or cutting wires. The farrier horse hoof nippers are “C Shaped” from both sides with wide endings. We need to remove the hoof wall which is in surplus so that horses can walk and run without facing any issue. These tools act as a big nail cutter specifically meant for horses. You can buy a nipper tool in multiple sizes such as 12, 13, 14 or 15 inches. However, removing the surplus wall is not enough to show horses or racehorses. The hooves should look in perfect shape which is possible with a rasp. 

Horse hoof rasps 

Rasps are the most important accessories available at a farrier shop for shaping the hooves. After doing rough work with nippers to remove the hoof surplus, there must be something reliable for reshaping. Here comes the role of rectangular and radius horse hoof rasp. These rasps are similar to the tools we use at homes for sharpening or reshaping objects. The tough surface of hooves need two kinds of rasps i.e. 

  1. Coarse radius rasp
  2. Fine radius rasp

As the names are illustrating, the coarse rasp is meant for reshaping the uneven surface to remain after removing the surplus wall. On the other hand, the fine radius rasps give a final touch. Nowadays, replacement blades are also available for the worn-out rasps. 

While buying farrier horse hoof nippers and rasps, never forget to check the metal durability because you have to deal with a tough surface. Search for a farrier tools supplier attaining years of experience in manufacturing productive tools. 

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