Best HTML5 Video Players

Top 10 Best HTML5 Video Players in 2019

The following are the best HTML5 online video players listed based on market analyze, recommended by clients worldwide and search engine results.

Video players are the veins that make video streaming platforms perform to their fullest. It is important to choose a video player that is accommodating of the futuristic video trends while not compromising on the uniqueness your establishment aims to acquire. Below is a curated list of top video players that have proven to deliver the best-in-market platforms.

10 Best HTML5 Video Players in 2019: Find Out What Works For You

1. Vplayed

Best HTML5 Video Players Vplayed

Vplayed is the best out of all in the list, ode to the HLS technology they’ve built their custom player in. The video player is all about customization that its servers can be hosted on-premises or on commercial clouds such as AWS as per customer’s request.  The entire player is responsive cross-platform, with high-end detailed security and monetization protocols. With a background of building multiple video platforms of all kinds over a decade, Be assured of getting the most out of your site when built with Vplayed.

2. Contus Vplay

Best HTML5 Video Players Contus Vplay

Contus Vplay is a set of solutions that concentrate on building video and audio platforms en route to bring on digital transformations in the tech world. If you are looking to build glitch-free, cross-platform compatible, enterprise-grade platform, this is the right player for you. Contus Vplay pioneers in delivering prompt and crisp platforms that can handle heavy level traffic without much bother. Their player is scalable as it is fixated with adaptive bitrate streaming and multi-bitrate, on-cloud transcoding.

3. Jplayer

Best HTML5 Video Players Jplayer

Jplayer is an online video player that primarily focuses on building cross-platform audio and video streams. Their player is lauded with a tech stack that makes the platforms they build are user-friendly and can be customized. The player also does not have any licensing restrictions. The media supported by their platforms are – HTML5 and FLASH.

4. Kaltura

Best HTML5 Video Players Kaltura

Architecture with the HTML5 player, this customizable player supports multi-platform streaming while assuring robust performance. The player is abundant in plug-in offerings with commendable loading speed. Their advertising and analytics strategies are notable and have presented with considerable ROI.

5. JWPlayer

Best HTML5 Video Players JWPlayer

The JW player, or as they like to call themselves “The modern publishers’ guide to video advertising” do just to the same. This HTML5 player is fast in its play time, renders contents and ads on screens of all sizes. The implementation and management is simplified to be handled smoothly even for people who aren’t from a technical background.

6. Flow Player
Best HTML5 Video Players Flowplayer

Flow player has state-of-art Ad scheduling and refined analytic sections. This makes the overall experience on the platforms built using this player easy to use with high engagement rates. Flow player concentrates on delivering better versions of live streaming and focuses on providing seamless delivery.

7. VideoJS
Best HTML5 Video Players VideoJS

VideoJS is a customizable player that tends to social media integrations the best. The video playback rate is commendable, giving the platforms built using this player an upper hand in streaming with low latency across mobiles and desktops. Built with an eye for professional use cases, this video player is built to bring communities together with streaming technology.


Best HTML5 Video Players PLYR

Plyr aces in providing full-fledged support for VTT captions and screen readers. This video player is lightweight and makes sure it does not drink up much space in the server. Build with an eye for being responsive across all screen sizes, the customizable player delivers embedded video platforms that can be played on video moguls like YouTube and Vimeo.

9. MediaElement JS
Best HTML5 Video Players MediaElement JS

MediaElement JS has a stellar customizable content library that is accommodative of multiple formats of data files (MP4, MP3, FLV) to be uploaded and streamed directly. They create both audio and video platforms and adorn them with highly performative silver light plugins.

10. Projekktor

Best HTML5 Video Players Projekktor

Projekktor is a self-hosted, open source video player that embeds its platforms with pan-browser compatibility to cover all kinds of the audience base. The intuitive user experience talks for itself as they customize each of their customers’ website to suit their viewer base.

Now that you’ve got an idea of what factors influence each video player the most, and why each video player is efficient in their own way, build your own platform with a video player that benefits your requirements to the prime.

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