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Top 5 AI-Based Social Media Marketing Tools You Must Know

Marketing strategies are continuously evolving every day and it is getting difficult for the businesses to make their brands visible to the customers. In this competitive world, it is necessary to present the best content to increase your credibility and drive the traffic towards you.

There are several social media marketing companies in India who devise effective strategies for the business to get the attention of the customers.

These companies offer marketing and social media services in India for your brand to increase your followers in India and abroad. In addition to this, artificial intelligence also holds exceptional opportunities for marketers to find solutions for their business problems. There are various AI tools that can be used to improve customer experience and your marketing efforts. 

Top 5 artificial intelligence tools you must be aware of:

  1. Cortex
  3. Market Muse
  4. Pattern89
  5. Atomic Reach

1. Cortex– this tool studies the social media habits of your clients and based on that offer recommendation to the marketing team. This allows the business to act on these recommendations immediately and provide the customers with a better and improved campaign. 

2.– Various social media marketing companies in India use this tool to help businesses optimize their campaigns and to up their business advertising game. It allows marketers to make their ads in a more creative format. 

3. Market muse– this is a very helpful tool when it comes to content research, SEO and builds strategies. It gathers data from top websites and based on the information and it recommends the keywords and subheadings to include so that it pops up high in the search results. 

4. Pattern89– this tool uses machine learning to provide an in-depth analysis of your ads’ performance on all the social media platforms and anticipate which channel will be best to increase your revenue. 

5. Atomic Reach– this tool helps to improve the quality of content for your blogs, articles, e-mails. It also assists in writing content when you are out of ideas and makes suggestions for proper clarity. 

The AI tools are improving continuously to build a strong bond between the customers and the businesses. This technology is helping businesses to personalize their content to provide their clients with a unique experience.

There are several agencies that offer creative social media marketing services in India for your needs. If used correctly, the efforts of businesses in driving the customer traffic towards them can go a long way. Whether you are trying to understand customer behavior or make improvements to your existing marketing software, there is a tool available for you. AI technology has changed the entire game for marketers to always stay ahead of the competition. 

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