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Designing is an essential job and it’s hard to find an all rounded PROFESSIONAL GRAPHIC DESIGNER who fits on all the aspects of designing. Over the past years, design trends have evolved and sometimes even after producing the latest design, great quality of work, designers think they are not being rewarded.

It’s because they have certain strengths in designing and don’t fit the other design areas. So, what are the skills the designers must have in 2018?

01: Have your own style: Style is the identity of the designer and it helps you deliver your work on a large scale. Some designers are known for their style and companies hire them because of their style. You can even prone your style with the projects as every project is unique but your style should be incorporated into your design in a way that it leaves an imprint on the viewers. Working longer with your style sets your worth as an expert graphic PROFESSIONAL GRAPHIC DESIGNER and you get known by it.

your own style

02: Learn What New is: The strong thing about Specialized Graphic Designers is that their designs are never outdated, they adopt what is latest. The new technologies in UX and UI like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality are stepping in the field of Designs. Not only are these, the latest software and online designing tools growing vast in the design industry. If the designer didn’t adopt these innovations they will be left behind in the race.

Learn What New is

03:Creativity: Creativity is the first thing that comes to your mind when you heard the word ‘Designer.’  You’ll find a professional designer creative always because when a designer lacks creativity the design seems bored and dull. Skydiving over the same idea is pretty normal but when you push your thoughts out of the boundaries you discover new and remarkable solutions. If you are able to find the several points of similarity between your ideas and the projects you are working on, you will explore some new aspects of designing.


04: Web Design Skills: Having web design skills with your graphic designing capabilities can increase your performance chart to the top. Some clients expect that Professional graphic designers must be knowledgeable about HTML and CSS or some web design standards. And if designers meet their client expectations they can increase their market worth and will see countless doors of opportunities opening for them. Having multi-dimensional skills in designing and knowing coding languages will not only help to make your work easier but will also lead to a strong freelance career where you can handle multiple design projects at a time.

Web Design Skills

05: Social Media Marketing Skills: Gone are the days when the designers were limited to certain technical skills and resist to adopt other skills that can boost their career. But now in the 21st century with the growing competition in the market, it has become important for PROFESSIONAL GRAPHIC DESIGNER to vary their skills, especially of social media marketing skills and tactics.
Online marketing helps to promote your work and give your work an identity you always wish for. As the world is going digital then why would your portfolio stay behind? These skills will not only make your work reachable to the audience but will also expand your knowledge about social media designs.

Social Media Marketing Skills

06: Print Design and Layout: One of the most important skills a designer must have is the clear understanding of print design and layout solutions. If top graphic PROFESSIONAL GRAPHIC DESIGNER acquires this skill of digital print production there are more chances of success in their profession. The basic knowledge of print design includes an understanding of color theory and interaction between them. Even the digital companies born in this era requires stuff for print materials because they need it for events, on ground marketing, merchandising and print advertising.

Print Design and Layout

07: Animation Skills: In today’s digitally equipped world you are not considered a good PROFESSIONAL GRAPHIC DESIGNER if you don’t have the animation skills. You have noticed some website designs have even switched to illustrations and animation and the design trends have changed at an accelerated pace. So, acquiring animations and illustrations skills have become a must for PROFESSIONAL GRAPHIC DESIGNER. It will boost their performance and worth in the digital world.

These skills are essential if you are pursuing your career as a Skilled Graphic Designer. But, you need not worry if you don’t have these skills as the Internet is a great medium to learn. Start learning now!

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