Blue pills, and why not! Isn’t that a usual expression whenever you see an advert or hear about your favourite stamina booster? Well, you know how important vigor and enthusiasm are whenever you are in bed with your partner and Blue pills does it for you. On the flipside though, you cannot ignore the likelihood of side-effects and you are equally prone to them. Now here is the good news! Do you know that nature has surrounded you with many foods which work just as Blue pills do? You might not be, but that’s true! It goes without saying that these are organic and hence unlike Blue pills, they rule out slightest possibility of a side-effect! They aptly boost your drive for physical relations, elevate your stamina and at the same time, secure you from any ill influences. Isn’t that interesting? So now on, get ready to prepare you Blue pills at home and enjoy the same benefits as earlier. 

Purpose behind taking Blue pills People have their own reasons behind the consumption of Blue pills. As is commonly known, Blue pills are the best cure to treat the problem of erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. This problem becomes the reason of premature ejaculation (PE) also which is yet another setback for couples. Both these situations prevent a couple from enjoying complete and lasting lovemaking in bed. Men having these problems are considered as impotent. The ingredients in Blue pills possess the quality to boost blood flow in arteries and vessels. That is the reason Blue pills can capably bring a significant reduction in the instances of ED and PE in men and increase their potency by a considerable degree. 

Some natural foods that work like Blue pills :

Almonds: Almonds are the best-known organic food with abundant fatty acids. These enhance the number of hormones and ensure that man’s physical relation with the partner is healthy and enjoyable. Men who regularly consume almonds gain better semen quality and thus have good reproductive health. 

Ashwagandha Since the prehistoric period, Ashwagandha has been chief content in preparation of multiple Indian medicines. It is exceedingly advantageous for men because it contains a copious amount of nitric oxide – the component responsible for the expansion of those vessels which are the blood carriers to man’s reproductive organ. Consequently, Ashwagandha turns out to be an incredible stamina booster and pivotal for satisfying lovemaking sessions.

Banana This name may come as a surprise for some of us, but because of its richness in terms of Vitamin B, banana is included in the list. Presence of potassium and few other nutrients especially help in maintaining energy levels in men. They ensure longevity in the energy and excitement which in turn help men in having a long, healthy and satisfying time in bed.

Beetroots have been the best preferred libido booster since the age of Romans. Their prime component is tryptophan which promises good health, while the other important component is mineral boron which multiplies sex hormones. This quality declines the possibility of erectile dysfunction and thus, provokes long term and enjoyable physical act between the partners. 

Cardamom Few people know that cardamom is another outstanding natural stimulant and has the attributes which increase potency. As Cineole present in cardamom starts its function, the level of blood flow goes up. This can be taken by both partners for an enjoyable lovemaking session. Carrots, Damiana, Garlic, Liquorice, and many other organic foods can be included in this list and they work wonders as a replacement to generic 100mg viagra!

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