Six Cities Visit Travel

Top Six Cities You Should Visit In 2019

Travelling is one of the best ways to relax, explore or even spend time with family and loved ones. While traveling you get to learn about other cultures, languages and even get the opportunity to sample different types of food.

Bellow is a list of six beautiful yet unique cities you should visit.

1. Paris 

Paris Visit travel

Visiting Paris is a dream come true for many people. The city is rich in culture, which can be seen on the buildings, the food and even how people dress. Whether you want to visit Paris for a family vacation or honeymoon, there are a lot of places that may suit your needs.

Although most people in Paris speak French mostly, France is a multicultural country and communication will not be too difficult.

2. Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy Visit  travel

The city of Venice is one of the most unique and ancient cities that still exists to date. You can visit this beautiful city alone or with the company of your loved once. It is a prime destination for many honeymooners. The city is filled with history and the architecture of the buildings is simply mind blowing

3. Hong Kong

Hong Kong Visit travel

One of the most beautiful and unique cities in Asia. When you land in Hong Kong you immediately feel and see how traditional and modern Chinese way has been fused to make one beautiful city.

There are a good number of sites and theme parks you can visit and have fun. Just like other cities on this list Hong Kong has a vibrant nightlife that you can enjoy by going for a party or simply walk around as you sample different types of food. There are also a good number of massage parlours where you can go and relax as you get a sensual Hong Kong massage.

4. Casablanca

Casablanca Visit travel

Casablanca is the biggest city in the North African country of morocco. It is a hot spot for many tourists who visit the North African nation due to its nightlife. There are also a good number of attractions such as old mosques, the sandy desert and the beaches. You can also sample the moroccan food and buy moroccan clothes and sandals at the local market.

5. Dubai

Dubai Visit Travel

Have you ever heard of making something out of nothing?. Well, Dubai was just a desert a few decades ago, now everything has changed. There are very beautiful skyscrapers, hotels and the
roads are filled with supercars only seen on TVs. Dubai is a place you do not want to miss out.

6. Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro Visit travel

The capital city of Brazil is one of the most beautiful cities in the whole of South America. Rio de Janeiro boasts of long, sunny sandy beaches that are always buzzing with people having fun. There are a lot of other sights such as the statue of Christ the Redeemer. There are also cultural events such as the samba dance attracts thousands to the South American city.
In summary.If you have any or a couple of cities on your bucket list, ensure that you visit them and cross them on your list.

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