Schema Markup

How to Turn Schema Mark-up into Success

Including Schema Markup microdata in your web pages is a lot more like eating well, sweating out at the gym, or getting a good sleep at night – “important”. Today, as the world experience a competitive market, where every other organization or business is competing at a different level – planning the right tactic to boost sales and customer base becomes important.

Now as we are talking about ‘the right tactic to boost sales’ ignoring schema markup would be a serious crime. For everyone who is confused and wondering what a schema markup is and how it plays a role in boosting sales, well I understand your curiosity thus will cover all your questions about schema and why you should make it an integral part of your SEO strategy.

What is Schema Markup?

Schema Markup

Schema markup founded at Schema is a form of microdata which once added to a webpage creates an enhance description which appears in the search results. The schema is nothing but a simple marketing strategy, which informs and provides contextually relevant information to the audience. The schema is one of the best innovations in the evolution of the search engines today.


Apart from making it easier for search engines to categorize site content, the schema is also used to display rich snippets which could manipulate the mind of a consumer to choose your product over a substitute.

Created in part by search behemoths Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Yandex, Schema adds behind the scenes vocabulary to your content. Adding schema markup to specific parts of the website will provide search engines with a higher level of context thus making it easier for search engines to properly categorize your site content.

What can Good Schema Markup do to your Web page?

  • Increased Findability

Increased Findability

It does not matter how good your content feels, sounds or how well written it is if humans cannot find it, or machines cannot locate it on the web. You spend hours on crafting Shakespeare level content only to find that the same is buried somewhere in the organic search. This is not a pleasant feeling.

Thus, schema markup is a great option to look for. Using Schema markup is just like translating all you have written for the search engines. Eventually, they will locate and find it more quickly.

  • Helps the user Find the Right Related Content

Schema Related Content

The World Wide Web today is overwhelmed with quality content still there are issues to tackle. One such issue with every other website or online magazine is the lack of interconnectedness between two or more pieces of their content. Think of yourself. Often you land upon an interesting article, you go through it, and at the very end, you will notice a “related article” widget hanging around.

This widget could do wonders for a website or online magazine as it did for CDR Australia. The widget is usually placed for dismissal ad earnings and often diverts you to junk items or content. The trick might earn you bucks but will sail you far away from the opportunity to build quality traffic in the end. Now as you are aware of the pros, you can use Schema markup to connect each piece of content to the next, much more consciously and meaningfully. One of the best ways to attract quality traffic to your website.

Bonus Notes on Schema

The only rule you need to follow when using Schema markup is, to be honest. Google is very clear about what they expect if you are using schema to boost your website visibility. Do not try to mislead or provide any wrong information, basically reviews, as this won’t be tolerated once located.

Also, just because you added schema markup does not mean that you will see guaranteed or quick results, as if it was this simple, everyone would have had looked out for the same.

It could take months for the stars to show up or they might not show up at all. Still, you should always give a try as it can definitely give you the best chance for success in search engine result pages.

For the best results, ensure that schema markup and structured data is working on both the mobile and desktop version of your site.

Schema markup is one of those SEO innovations that is here to stay for a long time and a great gig you can make use off. Take some time to find out ways on how you could use schema markup to enhance your search engine listing. A small step could make a huge difference.

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