Uber Vs Careem, A list of Features

To Draw a Competition Analysis, This Post Compares the Features of both the Apps on the following main factors:

Ever since its inception, Uber has completely changed the landscape of taxi-hailing services in the world. There is absolutely no doubt that Uber is the most widely used taxi-hailing mobile app. But Careem, After its launch in the year 2012 in Dubai, has given a tough competition to Uber. Though Careem does not enjoy the same market share as that of Uber. Yet its seamless services, new & interesting features, and user-friendly approach have listed down its name among the top cab-hailing services of the world.

1- Price perspective:

Keeping the price perspective in mind, both the applications have competitive pricing. It is noticeable that both the mobile applications have slashed down their prices and have also given various discounts and coupons on the ride fare. However, in some cases it can be seen that Uber is slightly cheaper than Careem. Thus, more often Careem is known to be slightly expensive.

2- Surge pricing: 

Both the apps have several times faced criticism for their surge pricing during peak hours which makes the fare higher even up to two or three times. Looking at this, Careem has lowered its peak hour charges. In cases when there is a huge demand for cabs, Uber fares go really high and at times there are no cabs available which make it too hard to get a ride. Careem on the other hand also has a monthly package for its routine customers which do not include any surge charges.

3- Mapping system: 

Keeping the mapping system in mind, both the mobile applications have a strong navigation system for drivers as well as users. Uber, however, may face some issues with its mapping system, as it may not show the right pin location, but Careem’s map guides its drivers more accurately. As Uber does not show the drop location to the drivers until they start the ride, many times it is seen that drivers call up riders to ask them about their drop location, which is certainly not the case with Careem.

4- Customer Services: 

In terms of customer services, Careem has its own local care centers that support users and drivers. On the other hand, Uber does not have physical outlets to support their customer service. For any support, Uber has features to reach the team but it has not yet opened its physical centers. Despite that, there have been complaints with Careem about their failing customer support, while Uber is quick in responding to their customer’s queries and helping them get through the problems in no time.

5- Security: 

With few cases recorded in the past with Uber, both the mobile apps. Uber and Careem, have now become very sensitive regarding the rider’s safety. Keeping safety as a primary concern, both the app ideas have upgraded their security features to ensure reliability. However, Careem is more preferred over Uber in cases where safety is considered as they follow extensive background checks of their drivers. But now, Uber has also come up with various security features like live location sharing, emergency buttons, etc.

6- Wallet System:

Careem allows its users to follow an easy payment method as compared to Uber. It also has its own wallet where users can add money and pay after the end of the trip. Uber, on the other hand, does not have its own wallet thus, users cannot add money to their account and use it instead of making the payment through cash or any other means.

7- Prepay Option: 

The Careem app comes up with a “prepay” option that Uber so far does not support. Careen offers the prepay option in two different forms including Kms and rides. Users can prepay for 100 km, 200 km or even 400 km, depending on their preference that expires in 30 days. The other option with users is to prepay for buying rides 3, 6 or 10 days that would expire in 15 days. There is no such feature in the Uber app so far.

8- Marketing campaigns:

Careem is found to be very active on social media sites. It also keeps introducing new promo codes to keep its users engaged with the app. Careem soon after hitting the market, came up with interesting, funny, engaging and creative campaigns like Rishta Aunty Service, Careem Air, etc. These all worked really well on social media. Uber, on the other hand, has slightly a lower hand in this context.

Final Thoughts

After taking into account different features of both the taxi-hailing apps. Each of the apps has its own set of advantages and drawbacks. Both the applications have clearly set a benchmark for other cab-hailing services apps, with an interactive user interface, interesting features, and great marketing efforts. Despite Careem having a smaller market share than Uber, it soon became one of the preferred taxi-hailing apps. However, the recent news also suggests that Uber has announced plans to acquire Careem across the Greater Middle East region and explore the growing opportunities together.

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