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Updating a Home Before Moving In

Updating a Home: If you have bought a house and know there are some big and/or little things that need doing, you may be tempted to update your home before you move in. This can be a great idea, as attempting modifications down the track, when you are moved in and settled, can not only be difficult and inconvenient, but also very unsettling.


The whole process of buying a house can be long, drawn out, frustrating and yes, very expensive, in so many cases. Countless open inspections are attended, the application for a home loan is made and approved and you come to grips with the range of other expenses that require payment — including conveyancing fees, stamp duty and pest and building inspections.

It can be exhausting and confusing. So exhausting and confusing that all you really want to do is move into your new home as soon as possible and get your personal effects in place, together with your unique stamp on the place.


As much as you love your new house and are incredibly eager to take up residence, you may also know you want to make some changes to the place. It is a good opportunity to stop for a minute and take stock; is it possible for you to delay moving in so that upgrades can be done without you there?

Updating a Home

Ask anyone — home renovations are typically messy, inconvenient and stressful. Living in and amongst a renovation can test patience levels and the strength of relationships!


If you are able to wait and take advantage of the empty house (and empty canvas!) that awaits you, you will probably be grateful in the long run. You will be able to live comfortably (elsewhere) as the upgrades are done and will no doubt enjoy moving into an updated, renovated home more than moving into a home that ‘needs work’.


The list and range of possible upgrades to your house is almost endless. You can make the home safer, more functional, more like you and more aesthetically pleasing. Here are just a few examples:

Garage doors: Increase the safety and convenience of living in your home with specialised garage doors, complete with garage door openers that can be kept and used from your own car! Brilliant!

Garage doors

Painting: Nothing freshens a place up more than a coat of paint. Moving in to a freshly painted house is refreshing and helps you to feel that the place is clean and pristine. Living amongst a paint job as it is completed can be hard.

Major room renovations: If you want to update the bathroom and/or kitchen of a house you have just bought, try to avoid moving in until these renovations are complete. Yes, it is inconvenient to live through a renovation, but if you are at least living somewhere else while it is done, many of the headaches and much of the exasperation at living in amongst a mess is avoided.

Major room renovations

If you intend to do any number of upgrades to a house you have just bought and are able to delay moving in until the upgrades are complete, take advantage of this opportunity. Moving into your new home will be so much more enjoyable when the mess is gone and you are left to enjoy your beautiful new home.

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