How to Verify Instagram Your Account

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Verify Instagram Your Account

If you are someone who is striving to get your Instagram account verified, but are facing trouble connecting the dots, then we have the ultimate guide to help you verify your Instagram account.

Verifying an Buy Instagram Followers Australia account is extremely hard because there are many handles similar to one and people keep on getting confused. However, getting an account verified means that the account is authentic and run by the person supposed to be in the handle, such as all those celebrities who have a blue tick next to their accounts.

How to verify your Instagram account?

Many articles give confusing tips on how to get your Instagram account verified, but we provide you with the easiest and most reliable way to verify your Instagram account. There are three ways to verify your Instagram account:

·     Be a recognized famous celebrity with thousands of followers

·      Request or pay a third party to get you verified

·     Hire a digital or a social media agent to request Instagram to give you that blue check

We suggest hiring an Instagram agency or a digital media agency to submit a request to Instagram for getting a verified account. Now, this might seem absurd to you, but these agents actually hold a link to Instagram which we ordinary people do not have.


Many YouTubers and vloggers have asked their managers or agencies to have their account verified and claim that this method is the best to verify your Instagram account. However, choosing this method to verify your Instagram account is not always guaranteed to be quick. Many people have to submit their requests again and again before actually getting verified, and this procedure might take longer because it is hard to get a digital agency which is perfectly reliable for you.

So how do you get your Instagram account verified?

Another method to verify your Instagram account is by paying a third party. Now, do not go on worrying that you are buying off a verification badge through the black market. To avoid this, you need to find a third party or an agency that complies with the rules and regulations of Buy Instagram Australia, and make sure that this party is verified according to the policies of Instagram.

This third party then works to serve you with your verified account by contacting Instagram and letting them know about you needing a verification badge. This method, however, is a little risky, as you never know how reliable your party is.

Need another method to verify your Instagram account?

If you have the potential to be a celebrity, then you can do that. But all jokes aside, if you need a legitimate method to verify your Instagram account, you can rely on getting an agent.

 You can find many liable and certified agencies willing to help you out, and these agencies are the best way to go. Hiring an agency is not only the best way, but if you have hired the right agency, it is also guaranteed to be the safest. 


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