What Are The Advantages Of Using A Debit Card?

Digital payments have taken over the whole world and positively affected all sectors. You use digital payment sources to fulfilling monetary requirements. Cash transactions have now become a thing of the past. Control your finances from home. There is no compulsion to carry cash everywhere and worry about its storage and safety.

A Debit Card, plastic card, check card, or bank card is a payment card that allows one to make transactions without using physical cash. Issued by a bank, you get the card and a banking kit containing a cheque book, passbook, and other banking credentials. Use it at ATMs or for online and offline transactions.


Unlike Credit Cards, an online Debit Card limits your capacity to spend more than the amount in your Bank Account. Consider these benefits:

Budget management

Whenever you buy an item online or offline or withdraw some cash from the ATM, the same transaction value gets deducted from your Saving Bank Account. After the successful transaction, you get an instant notification on your registered mobile number and email ID. The notification lets you figure out the difference between the credited value and the left balance in the account.


You get the credentials such as PIN, password, and other confidential information in the banking kit upon opening a Bank Account. If the card gets lost or misplaced, the owner can block it anytime by connecting with their bank. You can also report the loss through the Banking app or website.


When you apply for a Debit Card, you are accountable for all transactions made through your card online, offline, or at ATMs. Nobody else apart from the cardholder can use it until or unless you have voluntarily shared your credentials with the other person.

Easy access

Apply for a Debit Card online and skip the paperwork. You need a Bank Account, a few documents and an application form. You receive the card at your registered address later with the bank’s welcome kit.

Prevention against theft

A stolen, lost, or misplaced card can be blocked by connecting with the respective bank. No one can use it further for any payment or cash withdrawal from the Savings Account, even if you access the PIN or CVV number. Thus, keeping a regular check on any suspicious activity helps users stay away from online and offline thefts.


Use the right methods for accessing and withdrawing money in the digital era. Banks ease transactions, encouraging seamless processes through digital banking and email. They have progressed with time, but fund safety is still in our hands.


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