What are the Different Types of Motorcycles in India?

As the purchasing power of the common Indian man has increased, the demand for luxury motorcycles has also increased. Motorcycles are no longer considered merely as an instrument to commute from one place to another. In fact, motorcycles have become an indicator of status and class. The most common motorcycle types found in India are as follows.


Scooters bike

Commuters are your classic scooters that enjoy a big chunk of the market share. Powered by 100-150cc engines, scooters often feature as the best mileage bike in India owing to its fuel efficiency, which makes it a highly economical alternative. The modern-day scooters are equipped with cutting-edge technology, like electric starters, LED headlamps, USB charging ports, and even Bluetooth connectivity. If you do not want the complications of changing gears, then the Commuter is perfect for you. Just twist on the accelerator to rev up the bike, and you are good to go!

Sports Bikes

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets bike

If you want a mean machine that can carve out the quickest path between two points, then Sports Bike is the way to go. There are two types of Sports bikes, Super Sports bikes that have an engine capacity that hovers around 1000cc, while Hyper Sports bikes range from 200 to 600cc. Everyone cannot tame these high-power and high-performance beasts. First, the raw power and low torque is a lot to handle. Second, they are not fuel-efficient and not suited for long-distance rides. Finally, the high capital investment can act as quite a deterrent when considering these bikes. However, with attractive bike loan interest rates offered by various lending institutions.

Naked/Street Bikes 

These bikes are called ‘naked’ by virtue of the lack of bodywork and fairings that cover the internal machinery and engine of the bike. Parts of its frame are exposed to offer design aesthetics, which contributes to the overall appeal of the bike. The high-torque engine, paired with the upright riding posture offers comfort as you swiftly zip along the streets.

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