What Are The Most Common Orthopaedic Procedures?

Orthopaedic procedures are often a daunting, anxiety fuelling process, but the Orthopaedic Team at Trust-in Hospital puts all these fears to rest.

Surgeries are often fear inducing procedures and can make even the strongest person scared and anxious. So, to make it patient-friendly and painless, below is a list of the most common orthopaedic procedures done by the best bone specialist in Bangalore at Trust-in Hospital, a multispeciality hospital in Bangalore followed by post-surgery care and precautionary measures: 

  1. ACL Reconstruction Surgery: The ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) is one of your knee's major ligaments. It is located diagonally in front of your knees and provides stability when your legs are rotated. During surgery, the surgeon will use a graft from another part of your body to replace the torn ACL. Patients are usually able to return home the same day of surgery and use the RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) home remedy method.
  2. Knee Replacement Surgery: A patient may require partial or total knee replacement surgery, depending on the severity of the injury. Both are caused by cartilage damage in the knee joints, which painfully restricts movement. This could be due to a traumatic injury, bursitis from repetitive movements, or obesity. In total knee replacement, the entire damaged knee joint is removed and replaced with metal components. However, in partial knee replacement, only the damaged part of the knee is replaced. Both the types of surgeries are done at Trust-in Hospital, a multispeciality hospital in Bangalore.
  3. Shoulder Replacement Surgery: The top portion of the humerus (upper arm bone) is removed and replaced with a metal ball during surgery. The damaged portion of the socket is then removed and replaced with a plastic prosthesis. The rotator cuff (the shoulder's tendons and ligaments) would then keep everything in place. If the rotator cuff is also injured, a Reverse Shoulder Replacement is performed which involves inserting a metal ball into the socket and placing a plastic prosthesis on top of the humerus, which is held in place by screws and plates.
  4. Hip Replacement Surgery: A ball-and-socket joint connects the thigh (femur) to the hip bones (pelvis). The acetabulum is the pelvic "socket." Everything fits together nicely when a person's hips are healthy, with cartilage making the joint move smoothly. There are ideally two types of approaches used by bone specialist in Bangalore – Traditional approach and the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing approach. 
  5. Knee Arthroscopy: This surgery is a minimally invasive procedure. The surgeon makes a small incision and inserts a tiny camera attached to their instruments, which allows them to see inside the knee joint. The images are projected onto a screen and the doctor corrects the problem with small instruments. Trust-in Hospital, the best multispeciality hospital in Bangalore carries out this procedure in its state-of-the-art orthopaedic facility.
  6. Shoulder Arthroscopy: This is a similar procedure to the knee surgery except performed on the shoulder. 
  7. Ankle Repair: If the joint is unstable after a fracture, ankle repair surgery is required. This indicates that the bones are not properly aligned. The bones are repositioned to their proper position during surgery and held together with implants. For several weeks following surgery, the patient will be required to wear a cast or a boot. Once the ankle bones have healed, the patient will be able to put weight on the foot and perform rehabilitation exercises in order to regain full range of motion.
  8. Spinal Surgeries: There are numerous types of back surgeries, including Spinal Fusion, Diskectomy, Kyphoplasty, and Laminectomy. They're all important because the spine serves as the central support structure for the entire skeletal system. Fortunately, many of these procedures can be performed with minimal invasion. With the best in-house bone specialist in Bangalore at Trust-in Hospital, you need not feel anxious anymore.

Prevention is better than cure: 

Did you know that after the age of 30, bones tend to be more brittle and become prone to breakage. To avoid the above surgeries, Trust-in Hospital, a multispeciality hospital in Bangalore recommends the following preventive measures: 

  • Have an active lifestyle.
  • Follow a healthy diet along with vitamins. 
  • Get a bone density test done for senior citizens.
  • Regular check-up with an orthopaedic doctor after the age of 30.

Ideally, the search for the best orthopaedic doctor near me should lead you to a hospital with advanced medical equipment, modular operation theatre, patient-centric treatment procedures, in-house lab with a pharmacy, and should be offering affordable medical care. And Trust-in Hospital is here to fulfil all these criteria, thereby ending your search for the “best orthopaedic doctor near me”. 

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