What Do You Need to Enter Private Equity Firms?

Are you planning a career in PE? Do you want to know you would be making money if you choose your career in PE firms?  If yes, then keep reading to know more about equity firms.

Private Equity and Your Career

Planning a career in Private Equity is not a bad idea, however, before you get into it you should know what you are asking for when joining a private equity firm. And then what all qualifications, skills, certifications and experience you would need to crack into private equity firms.

Talking about the qualifications and right education, remember that private equity is as much about experience as it is about educational qualifications. No doubt, education plays an important role in getting you your dream job in the industry, however, if with that educational qualification you also have soft skills then you are bound to go places. Wait! What soft skills? Soft skills like enjoy being with people – working with them in close quarters. Other skills include love for research (you would be required to do heavy research) it also include analyzing and presenting the factual data in a language that is understood by one and all and yes you would also have to manage finances.

career in private equity

So while you are building up on your soft skills and gaining the right educational skills remember that private equity firms are a close knit family and breaking into that needs lots of grit and enthusiasm.

Now that you know what all you need to enter a private equity firm, here’s a list of all the qualification and skills that you would make your entry in a private equity firm easier.

  1. It would really help you if you are a Masters in finance
  2. An MBA from top-notch institute would be an added bonus
  3. Direct equity investing experience would work in your favor
  4. Language fluency (English and another European language) would definitely take you places
  5. Strong analytical and technical skills (including financial modelling) would help you climb the ladder quickly
  6. Soft skills like self-confidence, hunger to invest and entrepreneurial mind-set would make you your senior’s apple of eye
  7. Ability to work autonomously and pro-actively and to take on responsibility. Do we even need to elaborate this further?

With the above-mentioned list of skills and qualifications you would have a fair idea where you would need to work better at. Whether it is getting the required degree or acquired soft skills, you should start practicing right from the college to ensure that once you are out of it you are eligible for work. And yes, internships are the best way to go, if you want to gain experience in private equity. In fact, according to the industry experts, you should keep doing internships even after you have left the college so as to garner as much experience as you could.

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