Do all the students need to apply for their JNTUH University transcript?

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Jack once told Jill that he had applied for his transcript certificate from JNTUH university and asked if she has applied for the same or not. And no wonder Jill was surprised as to what it is. She thought she already has her academic mark sheets and was confused if she also needs a transcript certificate. Just like Jill, there are thousands of students who have either not heard of academic transcripts or are confused if they actually need one. In this article, we will see what a transcript certificate actually is and if it is needed by every university student.

First thing first, what is an academic transcript? Well, it is a properly organized document that contains students’ details like name, course, college, subjects in the different semester or academic years, the total marks in those subjects, the marks scored by students in each subject, etc. in a tabulated manner. You might be thinking your mark sheet also has all the details as mentioned above then what is the need for a university transcripts? So, yes. Mark sheets also have the same details. But the difference between a mark sheet and a transcript certificate is that the mark sheet shows the result of a particular semester or a particular academic year, but the transcript certificate shows marks scored in all semesters and all subjects in a cumulative form. Now you can ask if you need a transcript or not.

An academic transcript be it Osmania university transcript, JNTUH transcript, or any other university transcript, is required by students seeking admission to foreign universities. Many foreign universities or almost all universities ask their international students to submit their academic transcripts. A university transcript is required instead of mark sheets because it is easy to handle, easy to store, and easy to evaluate. For example, there are courses like B. Arch which is a 5-year program consisting of 10 semesters. So the B. Arch students have 10 mark sheets, one for each semester, for their course. But his transcript certificate, i.e. only one piece of the document consists of all the details as present in his 10 mark sheets. Therefore, foreign universities find university transcripts easy to evaluate and therefore ask for the same.

If you are looking to study abroad, then there are 90%+ chances that you will need to apply for your university transcripts be it Osmania University transcript, JNTUH transcripts, DU transcript, or any other university transcript. But if you are looking to pursue higher studies in India only or if you don’t want to pursue higher studies and just want to get into a job, then you don’t need to bother about applying for your transcript certificates. In India, your mark sheets are enough to apply for a higher degree course or your first couple of jobs.

The present world scenario requires one to have a number of documents, right from birth to death they need a certificate. There are thousands of documents and certificates that an individual can have. But is it worth investing time and money for having all such documents and certificates? Of course not. Therefore it is always recommended to have an idea of what all the important documents are like Aadhar card and Passport, and what are useless documents (like university transcripts for someone who wants to stay in India only). And when you have an idea, you know where you need to put your efforts. So next time Jack asks Jill if she has her Osmania University transcript, she can confidently say, “She doesn’t need one”.

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