Free Website Not Suitable

Why a Free Website is Not Suitable For Any Business?

In this digital era, the internet is steadily making its way to our fingertips. All you just need is a good internet connection and a laptop of your own and there yo

The use of internet has made the world very closer day by day. Launching a website has become very popular to reach a large targeted customer. The internet offers you with a number of companies who host website free for you. The thought of getting a free website is captivating for each one of us. Website development in Delhi has become need of the hour to showcase your brand and work.

Each one of us wants to keep the cost of launching a website lower. But once you sign up for these website Designing service delhi you will get to see that there are a number of limitations and many of the services are not free at all.

Thus the thought of hosting for a free website cannot be tempting. Here is a list of reasons which would let you know how your decision for hosting a free website cannot be a good decision:-

  • Extremely slow websites

 The free website providers use the same server. Thus this makes all these websites to load at a very low speed. Thus the experience of a customer might be unsatisfactory. The user of such provider, won’t be able to use SEO, the ultimate key to reach the customer and appear at the top. 

The web address does not look catchy

The web address must be catchy and look professional. It becomes quite difficult on the part of the visitors to your site and the customer to take it seriously if you don’t possess a proper domain name. If you ask these companies for such professional domain you would be charged something between $19- $25.

Extremely slow websites

  • Hidden charges

These companies also need money for their survival. They try to charge very high for some of their services like image hosting, email accounts, and website transfer.

 Hidden charges

  • Irrelevant pop up of advertisements on your webpage

 These free websites paid for supporting advertisement. Thus once you create content for your website you might see that there are certain pop up of advertisement which somewhat might turn out to be a reason of distraction on the point of customers. They even look ugly and appears to be time-consuming. 

Companies can shut down

The free website companies may pack up their bags and go. They would simply close their services which they are legally allowed. You would lose all your important data and your website.

advertisements on your webpage

  • No site Building Tools

A real website development services provider in Delhi provides you with a number of tools to launch your website unique which conjured memories and captures a state of mind with a single swipe. But such companies hosting free websites do not provide you with numerous tools and services to create better-attracting website.

 No site Building Tools

  • Limited WordPress

Some of the services of WordPress are though allowed to host, but you won’t be able to run all of it. You would come across each time many errors which will ruin your experience.

Limited WordPress

  • Chances for hack attacks

These free website companies fail to maintain high security. Thus there may be chances of getting your site hacked. You won’t be able to retrieve the data as these companies provide you with very limited access to oneself data and files. 

Chances for hack attacks

  • Running your own advertisement

Often popping up of advertisement to your website will bring something to your pocket. But unfortunately, such providers don’t allow you to run any such advertisement of your own. Even the users fail to add links or Google Adsense to your website. 

Running your own advertisement

  • No backups

These companies never follow the concept of maintaining regular backups. If something wrong happens to your site, you would be the loser and ultimate bearer and find no other way to restore your data.

No backups

To stay on a safe side go for opting companies hosting websites at a low cost with a number of services. Some companies also provide discounts and free domain to the beginners. Thus rethink to your decision.

These few comments are sufficient for why you need to have the best Website designing service provider in Delhi to showcase your work and taking your business to the next level. 

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