E-commerce is Shaping up to be Something Huge in the UAE

The world of the Internet is full of what can be termed as surprises for all of us. We all come across new technologies and aspects that amaze us and help us in our bid to do business in such ways that no one thought possible just a few years ago. Just look at the way people are using platforms like Facebook and Instagram to raise awareness about countless products/services and also actually selling them in huge numbers.

The e-commerce aspect of the Internet is what makes so exciting. While the world uses the Internet, the share of people from Asia is on a gradual rise and we are not far from the moment that more than half of the Internet population will be from Asia. And this is very good news for people of this part of the world as the opportunities will increase manifold for anyone looking to make an impact in this regard.

What Future Holds for Asian People

Asian People in UAE for Business

While China, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea are considered highly advanced counties having an edge over all the other countries in the continent, other countries are not also far behind. There are many other countries and regions which also are poised to become the new powerhouses of offering exceptional e-commerce facilities and services to customers not just in Asia but all over the world. The Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent is slowly but surely are the next hubs for business as the latter is arguably the world’s most densely populated region.

UAE is part of the Middle East along with other Gulf countries like Bahrain and Qatar. There is tremendous scope for all the tech companies working in the UAE as there are many aspects and factors in which they have an edge over other countries in the region. Let me offer top 3 factors so that you can understand how companies here are going to be the next Google and Facebook.

1. Opportunities along with Infrastructure:

UAE Women in office

There is tremendous scope for any company looking to make a mark for themselves in this region in the tech or services sector, for example. In the retail sector too, just see the growth of Lulu and other companies who are now famous all over the region. The scope for any e-commerce website development company offering its services to aspiring entrepreneurs in the tech and retail business, for example, are the ones who are also going to benefit hugely from this.

The willingness of the UAE government with regard to the potential they have in this regard is going to be huge. The government is spending billions of Dirhams to make sure that they are on the right track in this regard. Coupled with highly skilled and experienced expatriates from developing countries coming to UAE on a regular basis, the future seems brighter than ever for this sector as a whole.

2. Important Events to Aid the Growth:

You will find a number of events, conferences, workshops and expos being offered to the people here in large numbers. Just find the calendar for such events on Google and you will be amazed as companies find it tough to host such events because the hotels and convention centres where such events are organized are always booked well in advance. And the mother of the all expos is coming to the UAE in 2020 with World Expo.

Events like Expo 2020 in Dubai will offer tremendous opportunities for not just companies and individuals based in UAE but from all over the region. That’s the beauty of what you can term as the power of World Expo which can give any country a huge boost to its economy. The 6-month long expo is one of the best bets for UAE as its government is already touting it to be the game-changer for its economy.

Final Word:

Internet or more specifically e-commerce is going to be huge in the coming few years as already most of us can think of how we use to buy every product from retail stores rather than online. And that’s where it is scoring big. I am sure that there are many ways for which you can also contribute to this blog by either adding something of great value to this blog or through giving your feedback by using the comments section below.

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