Bridal Jewellery

How to Choose the Bridal Jewellery?

Hence be very careful when it comes to the selection of bridal jewellery. Make sure it is mesmerising and comfortable in wearing for those long ceremonies.

While choosing the designs for your wedding cards, you do an extensive research, have consulted professionals, have maintained a list of essentials and then proceed with placing the order. How can you just go blindly in buying the bridal jewellery just after getting “awed” over a design in your favourite fashion magazine? Or how can you just choose something that your jeweller suggest you? Bridal jewelleryis very significant. They are the dazzlers that shine with your smile on your D-day. So you have to be very careful in choosing them.  Still worried, in how to choose the bridal jewellery that is ideal for you? Here are few tips and tricks that will help you in choosing the ideal bridal jewellery for you: 

  1.  Necklace and neckline should go hand in hand

    One of the important things to consider is while purchasing your bridal jewellery, make sure your necklace is in adherence with your neckline. If the necklace doesn’t go along with the neckline, there are good chances that both the dress and the jewellery will be marred. 


  1.  Detachable jewellery is your best choice

    One of the important considerations while buying bridal jewellery is to go with the detachable heavy jewellery pieces. The jewellery pieces specially designed for the wedding are so heavy that they are rarely used after the ceremony. Hence the best option to go for is detachable jewellery pieces. Their demand and utility have made it possible that they are easily available in many shops. So you don’t have to struggle in finding them. You can easily get them from jewel stores. 

  1. Earrings should be in accordance with the hairstyle

    You have already made the appointment with the salon and even have decided the hairstyle you are going to have for your “d-day”. If not, you have at least envisioned it of how you are going to do it. Before buying your jewellery, make sure the earrings you are going to buy should be in accordance with your hairstyle. The good thing is that you can try these jewellery pieces beforehand for a better picture and can order the necessary adjustments accordingly. 


  1. Something treasured from your mother’s treasure

    One good thing that we all can do to ascend our looks on our “d-Day” is to get something treasured from our mother’s treasure. Old is gold and undoubtedly you can find something glittery to dazzle your look as well. This is your special day and if you are going with a traditional wedding, your mother’s jewellery is a good option. The vintage look not only goes along with the ethnic wear but enhances its ecstasy as well. Also if you’re going with modern attire like a wedding gown, these jewellery pieces will be perfect contradictory accessories. The “fusion look of the bride” will surely leave everyone in awe. Another good thing is you can make necessary alterations in these jewellery pieces and then wear them accordingly. These classic beauties are a perfect “show stealer”. 

  1. Jewellery for different wedding ceremonies

    Indian weddings are not the affair of a single wedding ceremony followed by a reception. We have got the whole deck of ceremonies lined up and that’s probably one thing we all love about our culture. There is the mehendi ceremony, Haldi ceremony, Sangeet ceremony and so much more. Make sure you have got the jewellery pieces for every event. You can go minimal with pre-wedding ceremonies like Haldi and mehendi. For the Sangeet ceremony you can choose something modern. You can choose the heavy traditional jewellery for the main ceremony of wedding. 

wedding ceremonies

  1. Jewellery and wedding outfit should complement each other

    Another tip is to ensure that your jewellery and bridal outfit should complement each other. Choose the jewellery pieces that will be highlighted with your wedding dress and not get dimmed or outshine your wedding attire. Hence one thing to keep in mind is to choose the right metal as per the colour of your wedding dress. For instance, if it’s a red dress with gold embroidery, gold jewellery is the best option than silver or platinum ones. As both the dress and the jewellery will go along and highlight each other. Here you have to play the games of colours like you did while choosing the designs for your Indian wedding cards

Another thing to consider is that don’t go with multicoloured jewellery. It looks nothing less than a mess for an occasion like marriage. It surely draws everyone’s eyes but it would not be to praise you. 

  1. The game of metal

    How careful you were while choosing the designs for your Indian wedding invitations. You balance out the utility and the looks of the card accordingly. You have to do the same while choosing your bridal jewellery. Don’t just rush in buying items after seeing those bridal magazines. You have to check whether it will suit you and your skin tone or not. Therefore it is necessary to check jewellery metal before buying them. 

Another thing to be very considerate with respect to jewellery is to not go with a variety of metals together. A little fusion can get appreciation; more of it would look nothing less than a chaotic mishmash. 

  1. Buy for the utility as well

    You probably have seen your mother’s wedding jewellery just treasured in lockers. You surely don’t want to incorporate the same with your own wedding jewellery. Hence it is suggested to go with designs that can be used later as well. Trendy designs are a good option for it as you can wear them on several different occasions too without going “overboard” on accessories. 

  1. Always give preference to comfort

    This is your wedding we are talking about. No doubt these designs astound every one of us but we just can’t avoid the comfort as well. With designs, you have to make sure it’s comfortable to wear and you can carry it out throughout without any discomfort and pain. 

Hence be very careful when it comes to the selection of bridal jewellery. Make sure it is mesmerising and comfortable in wearing for those long ceremonies.

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