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The Challenges of Today’s HR Leaders

HR leaders to have a say in management decisions, especially when it comes to providing a peaceful and productive environment at the workforce.

The HR landscape is under extensive renovation for years now. The role of human resources that was only limited to monotonous administrative duties has now become an integral part of business functioning. 

HR professionals of today are essential employees to an organization’s success as not only they seek top talent that brings better ideas for improving business and diversity to a company’s culture but also play an important role in contributing to essential boardroom decisions.

Organizations have begun to see the significance of their workers and consider them as the most valuable asset that they can own for the betterment of their business. Hence, the requirement for great HR leaders is now more than ever who have an eye to identifying the best and the smartest individuals out of the large and extensive pool of prospects.

HR LeaderHowever, with changing dynamics in the job market and millennials becoming a major part of every workforce, there is a range of challenges that HR leaders are facing today in carrying out their jobs. And, this article will provide you with a list of those issues and highlight what HR leaders have to say about them.

1.  The pain of recruiting along with retention

There is a widespread opinion in the HR community that it is increasingly becoming a strenuous task to recruit proficient employees and it is an even more difficult job to retain the most capable members of a workforce.

Chiou Thien Ling (Michelle), Chief of group human resources, Chief of group employee relations as well as organizational development of Tan Chong Group, holds an opinion that in every part of the planet, there is a growing complexity relating to the recruitment and retention process. Moreover, this issue is even more prevalent in companies having a workforce that is majorly held by professionals belonging to the younger generation.

He believes that managing younger people in the workplace is a tough thing to do as they are extremely selective when it comes to choosing job roles and they have unrealistic goals of reaching to the top in a span of five years. 

HR LeadersFurther, he thinks that it is essential to have the capability of picking different languages and there is so much more to a career than just owning a degree. Chiou states that there is a lack in the conviction of millennials to learn more than they already have in college.

2. The arduous efforts to provide a good environment

Choong Wai Bin, HR Leader –SEA, Korea, and McCain Foods, Taiwan, reveals that Human Resources has become a multi-faceted function which demands HR professionals to be a part of crucial business decisions.

It is the duty of HR leaders to have a say in management decisions, especially when it comes to providing a peaceful and productive environment at the workforce. Employees today wish to maintain a work-life balance and the human resources practitioners of a firm should take the responsibility of providing them with that.

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