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Top 5 Best Book Promotion Services Website for Authors

If you write because it’s your hobby and you love also, so you need not take to worry about the promotion of your book, increase the sales of your book.

If you write because it’s your hobby and you love also, so you need not take to worry about the promotion of your book, increase the sales of your book. But in case if you are a professional author and want to market yourself and reach your target audience. So today I am suggesting some book promotion websites help you to grow your visibility and make your book popular among the readers. Each book promotion website having its own requirements and the advantages, so choose according to your goals. The services offered by the websites are both paid and free, it depends on you.

Book Adrenaline

Book adrenaline is one of the famous book promotion website deals in the category of thriller and mystery ebooks. The number of regular readers they have is very huge in numbers i.e. 26500. The review rating of this website is very satisfactory. They accept free and paid books, so they welcome everyone. They also provide heavily discounted to the readers to promote your ebooks. The mailing size is impressive if you want to go with the paid promotion with them they charge at least $15 from your side.

Indies Unlimited

It is a website where they promote only indies authors. They have the list of dedicated loyal readers of heir website because they promote free and discounted books to them. The beat part of this website is it is totally free of cost, so everybody avails their services. The average visit on this site is approximately twenty thousand which is not bad. The monthly visitors on this website is twenty-eight thousand.

Digital book today

It promotes free, paid and discounted ebooks to their readers, it totally depends on them what to choose. Only Perma free books are free, while if we talk about others all are paid. The advertising plan for this site is a little bit high and starts at $30. The mailing size of this book is twenty-six thousand and the average monthly visitors are approximately thirty thousand. So you can try this website to advertise you and attains popularity with their services.

Ebook Stage

ebook Stage is the website who is both free and discounted books, so the choice is with the authors. The most important thing about them the audio-books are also available here. You can also earn with them by their affiliate scheme. The starting promotional price of this website is $10, but when I tell you about the numbers of their monthly visitor. You become ready to choose their services; they have approximately one lakh thirty thousand loyal readers with them. So don’t miss the chance to advertise with them.

Awesome Gang

This is the best website if you want to do the promotion with them they allow you to access both free and paid services with them. The starting price for their promotion is $10 which is very genuine and affordable by every author if they want to increase their reach and visibility. If you take paid promotion from them, so they provide guaranteed space on their homepage and also promote your books on social media platforms.

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