Hijab Newbie? Don’t Worry, We’ve Got You Covered

We have drafted the hijab-wearing article for the newbies which will guide you through the scratch to end.

When you’re new to wearing a hijab, the whole idea of what to wear and how to wear it can be a little daunting. Your wardrobe suddenly needs to shift to accommodate modesty, and your hijabs also need to match everything you own. 

The idea isn’t that you suddenly have to buy everything new, but rather make the most of you do have with a few new pieces to pull it all together.

You may type Buy hijab UK online and find several hijabs, but the thing is that you may find difficulty in selecting the best one for you.  

Start with the basics

The absolute must-have for anyone new to wearing a hijab will include Hijab pins and caps to help get a stable drape. 

You probably knew that already. However, the latest offering in these accessories will make wearing a hijab much easier. 

Just slip the hijab cap on and pull strings. These are great if you don’t want your ears to be compressed under the fabric all day long. 

Gone are the days when you cared about safety pins and poke holes in your hijabs or, worse, get the pin stuck in it. 

The new wave of pins is similar to bobby pins or hair grips and keep your hijab in place for hours. Put the hijab over your head. Grab the fabric from both sides under your chin and slip the pin on. 

There is no need to damage the fabric or struggle to take it off. This is particularly great for those ladies who don’t want that tight feeling on their neck all day. 

It also allows for relaxed drapes, so these pins are a staple. Beyond hijab accessories, you will also need some full sleeves plain tops in neutral colours. 

Pick the colours that will match your tops, so you stay covered comfortably. Or, if you prefer, choose one that will pair as a nice contrast to fit your style. You can dress it up with your formals or even dress down to wear casually. 

Pick a fabric that works well for your needs and one that will last you all seasons.

Oasis currently sells a range of colours that are perfect for layering to keep you warm during these cold winter months, and they’re soft and light enough for summers. 

Other options include blazers, shrugs, or cardigans to achieve a modest look with your existing clothes. 

If you want to add new pieces of clothing, then why not try some maxi dresses, oversized jumpers, and pair maxi skirts with any tops or knitwear you’ve already got? You’ll remain modest and on-trend. 

Choose the right Hijabs

As a hijab newbie, not sure if anyone’s first thought is ‘what fabric is right for me?’ But fabrics can make all the difference. 

Type hijab UK online and see several brands that are giving amazing discounts on hijabs.

Still, you have to be careful while buying a hijab because each fabric will drape differently around your face, and some are more stable on the head than others. The array of options available now are fantastic. 

We recommend that you try jersey hijabs first. They’re soft, often don’t need ironing, and these can be draped with ease compared to others. 

The fabric itself is opaque, so you can stay assured that you won’t need several drapes to layer the fabric to prevent the hair or your hijab cap from showing. Jersey hijabs offer supreme comfort. 

You don’t always need lots of pins to secure these in place, and dare we say; you may even go pin free with these. 

Just wear a hijab cap, prop the hijab over your head and flip over your shoulder to one side. Or you can put the hijab on your head so that the fabric falls over your shoulders from each side. 

Keep one side longer than the other. Then grab the fabric from the long end, wrap around your neck and pull it back to the side you started from. Drape it a bit loose around your neck, so you don’t have that tight feeling. 

Having pins tugging the hijab over your neck can be the toughest part about wearing a hijab, mainly if you live in a hot climate. 

We also recommend cotton and viscose cotton hijabs as these are more stable and can be worn with ease. If you’ve got a colourful wardrobe, then choose some basic shades such as white, black, blue, or beige. 

If your wardrobe is full of solid shades, then brighten your look with a bit of colour and print. Whatever you choose, make sure it makes you feel good and suits your style, as that will make this enormous change in your life easier to manage. 

Your belief in yourself and remaining true to your individuality is ultimately going to make you more confident in the way you wear your hijab.

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