how to use iTunes on Mac

iTunes is Apple’s media player which acts as a jukebox for all your music files. You can use it with your local downloads; iTunes downloads, or even your CD collection. iTunes provides you many benefits like you can create your own playlists; you can also rank your favorite music to find your track easily. iTunes provides you the facility sync your media library with your all other Apple devices.

Using iTunes on Mac allows you to manage your music, TV shows, podcasts, and other music files. It also allows you to buy media from the iTunes store.

Search for existing media on your Mac: When you start iTunes for the first time, it will show you the option Scan for Media. This feature allows you to import all music audios and videos present in your Mac device and other content which you have transferred from Windows PC or purchase from Amazon MP3 or other sites.

If you started iTunes and forget to add media, you have other option to add them:

  1. Open-File menu and click Add to Library
  2. Browse the file or folder you want to import
  3. Click Open to start the import

If you want many files, then repeat these steps.

Steps to create iTunes account

  1. Go to the Account button.
  2. Click on Create Account

Then fill all the information, and agree with the term and conditions. Contact iTunes Phone Number for more details.

 Log in your iTunes

Logging iTunes account will allow buying movies, music, TV shows, and other contents. With the help, all the contents will available to all your other Apple devices.

Steps to log in iTunes

  1. Go to the Account button
  2. Enter your Apple ID and password
  3. Sign in

Browsing MacBook library

Once you add lots of music files to iTunes, then finding your song might be a tough task. If you want to find your library easily then you can change the format of the library. Go to the Library>>View Menu>>Show Browser item or you can press cmd+B for the shortcut.

This will organize your library into four sections:

  • Genre
  • Artist
  • Album
  • Song Name

Purchasing music from iTunes Store

Here are the steps to purchase music from the iTunes store:

  1. Go to the Music button
  2. Click iTunes Store
  3. Search for the music you want to buy
  4. Click on price
  5. Enter Apple ID password
  6. Click Buy

So these are the steps to use iTunes on Mac. If you want details then call. For any suggestions, comment down below.

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