Hyva Themes: An Efficient Way To Boost Your Site Speed

Are your store images taking too long to load? Is it taking forever to transition from the cart to the payment page? Sluggish websites are never good for your business. And that’s where Hyva theme extensions come to the rescue.   

Frustrated customers can lead to increased cart abandonment and bounce rates. This’ll negatively impacts your SEO and overall business revenue. 

With Hyva, you can give your website a much-needed speed boost. 

You can add various frontend features that’ll not just make your store look beautiful and appealing but it’ll also enhance the overall functioning of your store. Want to know more on how Hyva theme extensions can be your store’s ulimate performance booster? Keep scrolling! 

What is Hyva?

Hyva was initially an experiment. It was the brainchild of Willem Wigman. Hyva Theme provides new ways to create themes for Magento 2 eCommerce websites. These themes are commonly know as storefronts. 

Willem Wigman created the Hyva codebase entirely from scratch. 

The result? An exceptionally clean and simple coding process. However, the technical framework was powerful enough to support design and functional flexibilities. You have endless options for customizing your store with the help of Hyva Theme Development services

Hyva might have a different look and feel than traditional Magento 2 theme. And it’s incredibly fast. The flexibility and quick response time makes it a perfect eCommerce solution.

Currently, 2,757 live Magento 2 websites worldwide use the Hyva theme.

Before we explain how Hyva improves your store performance, let first take a look at the problems Magento’s default theme Luma had! 

What was the problem With Luma?

It comes out of the box along with Magento setups, and the LUMA stack is this platform’s default theme. LUMA stack is Magenyo’s default theme. Most of the Magento 2 Marketplace Extensions are based on Luma. 

However, this theme has gained a bad reputation due to its sluggishness. The theme is not updated by Magento. 

The heavy load of CSS and JavaScript contributes to the poor performance of LUMA. This outdated technical architecture takes significant time to load the web pages. 

Additionally, it takes even greater time to put the visibility and interaction together. Dead codes can also negatively impacts your eCommerce website. All these drawbacks are eliminated in Hyva theme extensions. 

That’s why the Hyva Theme improved the entire system. 

How Hyva Theme Extensions Boost Your Store’s Speed and Performance?

Here are a few ways Hyva improves your store’s speed and performance. 

Hyva’a architecture delivers a spectacular performance.

Hyva Theme’s presents state-of-the-art performance. When you create your store with hyva themes you can experience the lightning-fast speed. 

And this speed is not just limited to desktop sites. Hyva theme extensions perform equally well on all types of smart devices including mobile phones and tablets. 

  • Time-to-interactive

The most interesting component of Hyva is the Time To Interactive. So what’s so special about it? The tool only takes 2 seconds for complete site loading. This incudes all the elements like images, interactive texts and graphics, text content, functions, etc. 

For example, with Hyva-based Magento extensions like Paypal Multicurrency, Magento 2 will offer a much better checkout experience than Luma. 

  • Google Page Speed & Core Vitals

Coming to Google PageSpeed, Hyvä gets a 100/100 score. Additionally, it passes Core Web Vitals on every metric.

With such great speed and performance, the Hyva theme has attained a 100-point score in Lighthouse in every category. 

Therefore, with such level of performance and support from Hyva Theme development services your store can perform extremely well on search rankings. 

Plus, your users will have an excellent browsing and shopping experience, which will make them want more. 

Hyva Themes are built from scratch, reducing complexity.

Hyvä theme uses PHP architecture and presents a cost-effective alternative for headless/PWA solutions. Since the entire frontend as developed from scratch the technical architecture of Hyva is extremely simple. 

When you look at a standard Magento theme it loads over 200 JS/CSS resources (1.5 megabytes). But Hyvä theme extensions load only 2 JS/CSS resources which amounts to only 0.2 megabytes. 

Reduced lines of code translate into less complexity. Therefore, developers can work easily and introduce several innovations. 

Hyva has still retained the good parts. These include: 

  • layout.xml, 
  • blocks, 
  • viewModels

Also, Hyva has eliminated everything that added to Luma’s complexity. These include: 

  • RequireJS, 
  • Knockout, 
  • UIComponents

So with Hyva-compatible Magento 2 Marketplace Extension, you enjoy both simplicity and innovation. 

Additionally, the Hyva theme utilizes independent and reusable modules that are responsible for certain functionalities. 

Therefore, Hyvä theme developers can easily manage and customize individual components without altering core architecture. 

Hyva theme extensions are mobile responsiveness.

Hyva themes prioritize mobile responsiveness. The modern and simplistic designs deliver an exceptional customer experience. 

For example, when you use Hyva-based Paypal Multicurrency Magento 2 your e-commerce users can quickly complte the payment. This is important to reduce cart abandonment rates. It indirectly helps to bring more conversions to your e-commerce store.

Here are a few benefits you can enjoy as an e-commerce store owner: 

  • Better Audience Reach: A mobile responsiveness site can be used by desktop, mobile, and tablet users. 
  • Improved User Experience: Hyva theme extensions present mobile suitable layout. These layout are more easy to navigate and improves content readibility. 
  • Higher Conversion Rates: Streamlined mobile experiences translate into higher conversion rates.
  • Enhanced SEO Performance: Mobile-friendly e-commerce stores rank higher in search results. It attracts more organic traffic and improves your site’s SEO performance.

Enjoy endless customizations with Hyva theme extensions.

The customization options of the Hyva Magento 2 Theme allow your developers to design a one-of-a-kind storefront that meets your business requirements.

  • Hyva Themes are adaptable and versatile. Therefore, you can create a highly customized store for a niche business. 
  • Hyva’s architecture works seamlessly with several third-party Hyva theme extensions and plugins. Therefore, you can integrate additional functionalities into your store. 
  • Hyva themes also come with drag-and-drop features. This helps you create a store without investing a lot of time in coding. You’ll have more time to add innovative elements and personalize your store. 

Wrapping Up

Speed and improved performance are important for every e-commerce website. Without these two elements, your store will fail to implement SEO successfully. Additionally, your site’s user experience will be affected. This translates into reduced organic traffic, frustrated users, and, ultimately, poor sales outcomes. Hyva themes enable you to supercharge your store with speed and performance, leading to an overall boost in your business. Start your Hyva integration today! 

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