Multi-Delivery App: How to Build A Super App Like Gojek?

A super app allows your customers to meet all their requirements under one roof. Build a super app like Gojek multi-delivery app to help your customers get multiple

Certainly, a super app is like an on-stop solution where consumers can get services to meet their needs. The services can range from on-demand grocery delivery app to ride-booking and multi store grocery delivery app much more  through a single app.

Today, Super Apps are gaining popularity in different countries of the world.

When it comes to building a super app, we look at giant apps like Gojek multi-delivery appswhich are earning high profits in the business. Before we know how to clone Multi-Delivery App Gojek,let us learn why to build an app like Gojek.

Why Build An App Like Gojek?

With Super apps trending these days, Gojek proves to be one of the profitable and successful On Demand Apps & super apps among others. With an app like Gojek, you can provide multiple on-demand services & multi delivery service through a single platform. Let us learn about some interesting factors that help Gojek to succeed in the market

  1. Building an app like Gojek allows entrepreneurs to scale faster. Starting with a few services, they can continue to add multiple services to attain customers’ loyalty.

  2. A similar app like Multi-Delivery App Gojek helps you eliminate the burden of building new apps for every single business idea that may strike your mind. You can assemble multiple ideas into a single app

  3. A multi-delivery app like Gojek enhances efficiency by cutting down the time invested to finish a specific task.

  4. With multiple services offered by Gojek like on-demand food, grocery, medicine, house cleaning services, etc, you can see improvement in user engagement. It automatically increases the total revenue

  5. Super apps like Gojek offer promotions, deals, and discounts to their customers. It will help you see the rise in more people downloading your app.

  6. Super apps like Gojek come with simple yet interactive user interfaces. Also, the app helps the customers avail multiple payment options. This improves the overall user experience which in turn adds to the success of your app.

How A Super App Like Gojek Makes A Profit?

Gojek Multi-Delivery App generates high revenues annually. Here are some profit-making strategies used by Gojek

1. Customer Fee

Gojek offers multiple services for the customers under one roof which eliminates the need to browse multiple apps to meet their requirements. To avail of the services, customers have to pay a minimal fee for each order placed.

2. Business Commission

Gojek collaborates with businesses to enable them to increase their sales for which Gojek gets a commission from the businesses against every successful order made by customers through the Gojek app.

3. Delivery Commission

For every order that the drivers deliver, they pay Gojek a small commission. The drivers get to deliver multiple orders and earn money so minimal commission works fine for Gojek and drivers.

Simple Steps To Build A Super App Like Gojek

Step 1 – Select a Platform

You can choose from the 3 different options to build an app

  • Native App

  • Cross-Platform App

  • Web App

Looking at your target audience, you can decide which platform to target – i.e either Android or iOS or both.

Step 2 – List of Features

To develop an app similar to Gojek Multi-Delivery App you need to consider some features to be integrated into your app and they are

  • Social media integration

  • Multi-language support

  • Send push notification

  • Payment gateway integration

Step 3- Technology Stack

When it comes to embedding multiple features within one application, the technology integrated to develop such apps should be strong enough to manage multiple functions effectively.

Here the technology stack can include, Comodo SSL, Android Wear SDK, Bootstrap,Crashlytics, Fabric, Laravel,Google (Cloud Messaging, Maps, Compute Engine), New Relic, Nginx, Select2, HTML5, Realm, etc.


  • Swift

  • Java

  • Golang

  • JRuby

Frameworks Or Tools

  • Kafka

  • Rails

  • Spring

Other Tools

  • Email Marketing: Mailgun, MailChimp, Mandrill

  • Analytics- Mixpanel, Google Analytics, Yahoo! Analytics

  • Finance – Square, Google Wallet

  • Productivity and Operations- Google Drive, Google Tag Manager, G Suite, Google Fit SDK

Step 4 – Design & Development

After you decide your app goals, business structure, target audience, and features, you can move on to the data architecture.

Wireframes are like the skeleton of your mobile app development. You should create wireframes before you start with the backend code to get the real picture of your super app such as multi drop delivery app . It may include how pop-ups, text fields, buttons look like. Once you are fine with wireframes, you can discuss with the developers to start working on the front-end development & back-end coding.

Step 5- Testing and Launch

Before you launch your super app or an app like Gojek Multi-Delivery App, test the app for any bugs and resolve the issues immediately. The testing part will be carried out by your development team.

The development team would test the app internally, but make sure you test the app with users to know how it works in the real world.


Undoubtedly, Gojek has proved to be one of the best on-demand multi delivery apps. After knowing all the features of the Multi-Delivery App Gojek & multi food delivery app,you just need to approach an app development company that could help you clone an App like Gojek

Well, if you have not found an app development company yet, then Apps on Demand can help get your super app like Gojek to make your on-demand multi-delivery business a success.

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