Plaster Ceilings

Plaster Panels for Ceilings

Ceilings contribute majorly to the appearance and visual appeal of a room. Most people want attractive ceilings to go with the rest of the décor.

Modern architecture has led to improvements in the design of exteriors and interiors of houses and other buildings. There has been a noticeable improvement, especially in the design patterns of ceilings. While constructing a house or other building, ceiling design and decoration are paid special attention. Ceilings contribute majorly to the appearance and visual appeal of a room. Most people want attractive ceilings to go with the rest of the décor. These days, suspended plaster panel designs for ceiling are becoming quite popular for house and offices.

A plaster panel designed for the ceiling is made up from plaster of Paris. Plaster panels are available according to the dimensions of the ceiling. The panels are available in various shapes, colors, and sizes. They are installed on a suspended structure, below the ceiling. Installing plaster panels on the ceiling allows some space between the panels and ceiling for electric wiring and AC ducts. Attractive lighting options are added to the plaster panels ceiling in order to add more creativity. Installing plaster panels at home and offices adds visual appeal to the area. 

The plaster of Paris used in the manufacturing of plaster panels is tough and safe for application on the ceiling. The plaster has some good material properties and elegant looks, so it is preferred for ceilings. Plaster of Paris is much lighter in weight as compared to other ceiling applications. It can be installed very easily causing no harm or risk to the installers. The plaster can be easily molded into any shape and form, making it ideal for use as ceiling panels. As the plaster becomes older it gets harder, set perfectly in place. The installation of such plaster panels is quite easy as compared to other methods. Plaster panels are totally resistant to fire and extreme temperatures. Plaster panels are also sustainable and safe for the environment. They are usually made from recyclable materials.  

Plaster Ceilings

The installation process of plaster panels must be done by a professional technical team. These professionals can provide customers with a wide range of plaster panel options in terms of their creative designs and dimensions. The installation process is as follows: 

  1. Prior to installation, the size and design of plaster panels are selected by the customer. 
  2. The installation team carries out a simple ceiling check in order to determine the space available and other standard considerations. 
  3. Then the team installs the wall molding which supports the panels firmly. 
  4. The main beams on which the panels are placed are suspended from a specific height from the ceiling with the help of wires. 
  5. The plaster panels are now installed on the beam and cleaned further to remove dust. 
  6. The adhesive is then placed in the gap between panel and beam in order to fix them firmly, for a longer period.
  7. The structure is then allowed to dry for 24 hours. 
  8. Then the primer coating is applied to panels before any application of colors or decorative stickers. 
  9. The final step of installation includes an application of any color or design on the panels as per the customer’s requirements. 

Professional installation experts generally stick to the timeline they have given. The installation team is highly skilled and experienced in installing plaster panels. The installation process strictly meets high-quality standards. Professional installation teams are committed to performing the installation with consistency and providing a hassle-free experience to the customer. 

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