Some Important Health Benefits of Using RO Water Filter

Consuming clean and safe water is a mandatory requirement for humans, but unfortunately, 90% of the total fresh water available for consumption contains one or many contaminants. Most of these contaminants, which are either biological or chemical in nature, are detrimental to health. 

Buying an RO purifier with UV and TDS controller helps in getting rid of all these contaminants. TDS controller is required because it is said that the normal RO water is ripped off the essential nutrients too, which are required by the body. Having a TDS controller integrated into RO purifier makes sure that these essential nutrients are retained in the water.

Here are some of the major health benefits of using RO water filter:

Removes Lead 

The water that contains lead in it is extremely harmful to the body. On regular consumption of such water, the excessive amounts of lead get accumulated in the body leading to many problems. This includes increased blood pressure, nerve and muscle damage, issues of infertility, brain damage etc. It even causes anemia in children, which hampers with their normal growth and development. RO water filter is very effective at removing lead from the water, making it safe for consumption.

Safe for Consumption by People with Weakened Immune System 

The elderly people and kids generally have a weak immune system and any small contaminant can cause health issues in them. Cancer patients who are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy also have a very weak immune system as these therapies kill the healthy cells too along with the cancerous cells. Thus, if the water contains even minute amounts of harmful micro-organisms, it can trigger infections in these patients.

Boon for People Who Require Restricted Amounts of Sodium 

There are many health conditions like high blood pressure, liver disease and kidney ailments in which case the patients require limited amounts of sodium. Having water high in sodium salts can aggravate their conditions leading to further complications. The RO filters remove the sodium molecules from water benefiting people suffering from these diseases.

Reduces the Risk of Waterborne Diseases

In the rainy season, the risk of contaminated water getting mixed with the main water supply increases as heavy rains leads to flood situations. This is also the time when water-borne diseases are at its peak among people due to either consuming the polluted water or food cooked in it. The RO purifiers ensure that all the impurities – whether it is biological or chemical – are removed and you have access to safe, clean and healthy water. 

Filters out Cryptosporidium

This is a common parasite found in contaminated water. Once it gets into the body system it affects the small intestines leading to stomach cramps, fever, indigestion and diarrhoea. In kids, it can also lead to dehydration and malnutrition. RO purifier filters out this parasite and makes water safe for drinking.

Besides filtering out all the microbes and dissolved harmful chemicals from water, the reverse osmosis process also makes the water taste good. This is because when all impurities that were lending a weird taste to water are removed and the water tastes clean and refreshing.

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