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Tips In Applying The Makeup That No One Ever Told You So

There are many ways to achieve an exquisite beauty to a lady like you, but no one could ever surpass the natural beauty. Although, it really is not inevitable to use a Makeup Applying enhancement paraphernalia to emphasize our unique features that no one has.


Even the oddest thing you’ll see in your house can be a paraphernalia in doing your makeup. Cool right? There are a lot of videos on youtube, wherein you’ll see different Makeup Applying hacks and tips to make it easier for you to do, especially if you are just beginning to explore this girly stuff.

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Makeup Applying

Before you start brushing on a blush on, make sure that the color complements your skin and it won’t overlook your face. The purpose of the blush on is to highlight your cheekbone to look more gradient and confidence. Know the shape of your face, so that you’ll be able to know what and where to put it.


Let us unleash our creativity in the art by the use of a stencil. In making the perfect eyeshadow on fleek, you could put a slanted tape on your face and start putting colors on it, Afterwards, peel it off then bwala! Your eyeshadow is elegant!



From work to school then to your home, yes I feel that exhaustion you and your eyes are the evidence of it. This is the common problem for numerous ladies who would apply a light Makeup Applying. Eyebags ruined their fresh makeup look. The best way to hide it away is to put on a concealer and make sure to tap it with a makeup foam so it would blend with your skin color and would look natural.

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