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Wedding Dress Tips – What You Should Consider

Wedding are a vital part of life, searching for the perfect outfit can be a terrifying task, this article serves as a list to cover every aspect of what to consider.

When that special day finally approaches, you find yourself tasked with finding that one outfit that will inevitably be associated with you for the rest of your life. That said, it is up to you and you alone to make the correct decision in picking something that will be an unforgettable sight etched in the minds of the guests attending your wedding. We know that weddings are hectic (especially for the bride) and picking the wedding outfit can be daunting even for the bravest most confident women, for this reason, we have compiled a list of tips that one should pay attention to.

  1. Find a supporting opinion
  2. Stay on track with time and the goal
  3. What style suits you?
  4. Choose a budget, a realistic one
  5. Colour says it all
  6. Fabric is a vital element in any clothing
  7. Accessorize wisely

1: Find a supporting opinion

wedding opinion

Shopping can be a long, thirsty experience, especially when you decide to take the entire peanut gallery with you on this expedition. Generally, it is not advisable to take everyone with you as this makes for too many opinions being given out, making you even more confused as you want to make everyone happy but the whole purpose of the trip is to make you happy (it is your wedding). To avoid the mistake of buying something utterly unappealing to please someone, you need to find a friend (preferably female) who has some style knowledge and understands your personal requirements and can help guide you towards a successful selection.

2: Stay on track with time and the goal

We all know how women get when shopping, it is so easy to lose track of time and most important the goal of the mission, this is why before setting out, you need to lay down some rules and keep to them even if it means being harsh on yourself. Planning a wedding is a huge process and this is why saving time can be of great use as it provides an opportunity to do something else with that saved time. And of course, you do not need an angry phone call from your parents asking how much longer you will be there.

3: What style suits you?

Having a clear, concise idea of what you are looking for can do wonders as it gives a starting point to your adventure. Pick out styles that highlight your body features and make you look timeless, AVOID the latest styles and designs if they do not compliment you. You should be open to other options as sometimes an exact dress matching that your expectations are not available and the dressmakers may offer something along the lines of it.  In case you have a hard time wearing this heavy dress but you are obsessed with Indian dress then you can certainly try Indian Kurtis as they are available in designer style and you would find a lot of Kurtis catalog that would give tough competition to sarees or lehenga

4: Choose a budget, a realistic one.

wedding budget

Many people would say there is no reason to spend much money on a dress that is only going to be worn once before it is packed away in the back of beyond of your wardrobe forever, but it is the feeling that counts and it is the biggest day in any women’s life and she has every right to feel like a princess. Although depending on your preferences you may find a dress that you love that may be over your budget or below the budget, it is all up to you, but just keep in mind that all money saved on the dress can be contributed somewhere else.

5: Colour says it all.

Decide beforehand if you want to go the traditional way or be a rebel and go with something a bit off the script. Every colour is indeed beautiful enough to be donned as a wedding dress, and because it is your wedding you get to decide on the colour even if it causes some guests to cringe. Colours should be selected based on what looks good and what suits your skin complexion

6: Fabric is a vital element in any clothing

Fabric is a vital element in any clothing wedding

There is no doubt that fabric plays a crucial role in a wedding dress and it will decide whether you will spend your wedding day comfortable or uncomfortable. Smooth, soft fabrics such as silk, satin, and georgette will offer comfort while stiff fabrics such as netting, and tulle may cause you to be itchy and dreading any movement at all. To keep your spirits high you will have to choose a light fabric that will not drown you down with fatigue. Comfort is not something you want to compromise, especially on this day.

7: Accessorize wisely

Accessorize wisely wedding

I’m sure by now you must be looking stunning, but there are certain accompaniments that are required to make you look even more breathtaking, these are accessories such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, broaches, hair accessories, etc. They completely revamp the overall look to create an upgraded version of the typical bridal look.

Now that you have all these parameters to guide you along, there is no reason why you will not turn up with the most stunning wedding outfit that is sure to get some positive feedback from all the guests and of course from the groom himself.

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