What is Composite Material Testing

Maeon Laboratories provides advanced Composite Materials testing and give you with the information you need to evaluate their performance.Various tests are carried o

Composite materials testing aids manufacturers in determining the qualities of constituents used in completed composite products. Physical, thermal, and mechanical testing are examples of raw material testing procedures. Testing composite materials necessitates a high level of expertise, experience, and equipment.

Composites are comprised of two or more components with chemical or physical properties that vary considerably. These constituent materials remain separate and unique throughout the completed structure while influencing the composite material’s durability qualities.

At Maeon Laboratories, Mechanical testing such as tensile strength, modulus measurements, testing for compressive properties, shear properties, flexural properties, interlaminar fracture properties, electrical insulation properties, and adhesion strength to various substrates are all performed in a composite materials testing.

Our expertise can deliver precise and timely composite product and material test results for composites and related materials.

Methods for Composite Material Testing

Tensile Testing:

  • Measures a material’s tensile strength and flexibility.
  • Predicts a composite’s performance in specified conditions.
  • Data is provided for quality assurance.

Compression Testing

  • Examines how materials react when compressed or crushed.
  • The elastic limit, yield point, and compressive and yield strength are all included.
  • ATSM D695 and ATSM D3410 are examples of standards.

Shear Testing:

  • Calculates a material’s ultimate strength and strain.
  • Standards such as ASTM D5379 and ASTM D3518 are included.

For a variety of constituent materials, which was before, and adhesives, In Meaon Laboratories offer physical, thermal, and mechanical testing. Our composite experts can provide accurate, dependable results whether testing to a certain standard or devising a unique programme. We maintain quality standards while keeping our clients’ needs . additionally. 

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