Good Person

What Makes A Good Person

This might seem like a common question, but in our time right now, we are all in desperate need of good characteristics in ourselves.

Good characteristics are innate and are in each and every one of us, it just doesn’t show when we always think of our circumstances and forget about others, here are some good character traits that we should be expressing:

1. Integrity – having integrity means that you have strong principles when someone tells you to move, and you know that you are in the right, you would not budge for them, this character trait should always be present even if people are not looking.

2.Honesty – this character trait is more than telling truths and not saying any lies, it’s you nature in which shows in your every actions and thoughts, this also requires authenticity.

3. Humility – you don’t see yourself as much more important than others, that your life or your decisions are above theirs, we are all the same no matter what stature in life you are in, we should always respect each other.

4. Compassion – the thing that I think is the most important character trait, having compassion means that you decide not only for yourself but also for the welfare of those around you, if you have this character trait you would most likely be treating everyone with respect and importance.

5.Lovingness – you show your care about other people not only with your words but also your action, this includes your willingness to do something for them and to be vulnerable around those you love.

6.Reliability – being reliable is a good character trait for it shows how ready you are to help others that are in need, without even thinking twice.

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