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Top Interactive Plug-ins for your WordPress Site in 2019

WordPress ranks high among the most preferred Content Management Systems that are used to build the content rich website. Apart from being No.1 choice for the bloggers, WordPress is widely used by commercial websites too.  The user-friendly approach, easy readability and simple interface with extended controls are 3 major features of WordPress that have played a vital role in the popularity of WordPress.

The availability of many purpose-specific plug-ins allows the website owner to further extend the functionality and add tailor-made features to the site. Irrespective of the type and nature of the site every website owner would like to increase their traffic and interact with their audience in a better way. Thankfully, WordPress offers a number of plug-ins to help you interact with the clients in an effective way and add some really interesting features to your site. Here are a few WordPress plug-ins that would help you to further increase the appeal of your WordPress site:

Quizzes and Polls

Quizzes polls and other similarly interactive contents can increase the traffic your website by engaging the viewers and encouraging them to share your page via social media. Besides, the viewers feel nice when their views are invited or they are encouraged to take active participation in polls. It induces in them a feeling of being valued by the website that strengthens the bond and helps in building a loyal audience.

  • Word Press plug-ins like Dilemma, Apester Interactive Content, Survey Funnel, and Riddle help you create quizzes, opinion polls or even personality tests. Using easy steps you can embed them on your WordPress site.

Quizzes and Polls

Audience Generated Content

By allowing and encouraging your audience to actively contribute to your site’s content you can make them feel privileged. For them, it could be a kind of promotion- Graduating from a passive audience to the active contributor with their own self-written content being published on your website and influencing the audience. Needless to say, most of such contributors would love to share their content to as many connections as they can, using various social media channels.

  • With the help of plug-ins like Wp-User Frontend and Frontier Post Plugin, you can allow your audience to add their own views to your articles or blogs. You also get an option of approving the proposed content or points they really wish to add to your post.
  • That means you get the twin benefits of allowing your audience to further enrich your post by proposing their own perspective while still retaining the control over shaping the character of your article as per your wish by approving only those points that take the article to your desired direction.

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Questions and Answers

One of the best strategies employed by the motivational speakers as well as influential leaders for engaging the audience is to accentuate their speech with different exciting questions. It promises better engagement. Your website content is actually a virtual presentation or a virtual speech and by adding questions to your website you can keep the audience engaged while adding several interesting turns to your content.

  • There are various WordPress plug-ins that you can use to add the question and answers to your websites like Q&A from WPMU DEV, DW Question & Answer, or WP Answers that add a separate well-presented section for Q&A community.


Many serious audience and readers generally form a view after reading your contents and many of them would love to present their feedback as well as suggestions. By encouraging such audience you can add to the list of the quality and serious audience to your website. For that, you need to have a provision for posting the feedback on your content.

  • Having a comment section also burdens you with the extra responsibility monitoring the spam comment that can actually harm your website rankings. An easy way out would be to use the emoticons and rating plug-ins.
  • Some of the popular plug-ins for star rating is FL3R FeelBox, MyEffecto, and Voting – Feedbacks plugin by Vicomi.



One of the most important features o nay website that really interests the audience is chatting. The chatting allows the audience to virtually converse with other users in the real-time and thus adds a unique dimension to their experience

  • One of the best plug-ins that you can use is Chat by WPMU DEV. It helps you in chat setup, public chat sessions, private chats, BuddyPress Friend chats, BuddyPress Group chats, etc.

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