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Tips To Brighten Your Rooms

It doesn’t mea n that you have to settle for living in dark rooms, if it lacks enough nature light. You believe it or not, this is the common tight spot most of the interior designers solve all the time. Try these cheap beginner ideas and advanced tips to brighten your rooms.

You don’t necessarily be making structural changes to glow-up your dark rooms. Like adding windows, skylights or doors in the room isn’t the only choices you have. With paints, lighting, things rearrangement, etc. can do.

There are plenty of ways to make your rooms brighter, lighter and pleasant. Mostly, apartments in the cities will have windows facing another building won’t get abundance natural light. Don’t worry. There are easy decorating ideas to make your rooms more spacious and bright.

Easy DIY Tips to Brighten Your Rooms

The dark rooms can feel like uninviting. Lightening up the room will make it more appealing. Make it as the better place you and your loved ones spend splendid time.

#1 Be Selective with Paints


We all know that a white-painted ceiling will make the rooms to feel taller. Also, the white ceiling can also brighten the room. Ensure the white is clearest, brightest and whitest white. No off-white or ivory colors. Let your ceiling be glossy that allows light to bounce off from the surface, rather matte finishing. The light will reflect as white ceiling does not absorb light.

Also, don’t use much deep and bold color to paint your standing walls. Limiting accent colors to your room can make you feel it lighter. Still, if you love to use dark blue, or red, paint it in any small wall. Apply associated light colors to the rest of the walls.

To make your room more aesthetic-rich, you may use stencils like leaves, flowers, etc. Even the stencils will be attractive when you use it on light-colored wall paints.

#2 Hanging Mirrors Can Do

Placing mirrors in the right places in your room can bring more brightness. If your room lacks abundance of natural light, mirrors are the best tools to maximize it. It can reflect the light that the room has.

Simply fix a large mirror on the wall that is directly opposite to the wall. The nature light enters the room reflects from the mirror tricks your eyes to feel the room is larger and spacious as well.

Not only that, you can also place mirrors in shelves, bookcases, tables and so on. Mirrors are like small windows that can brighten up your rooms.

Organize Things in the Room


Are you an avid book reader or love dolls but committed to brighten up your rooms? But confused what and where things to avoid room darkness and clumsy. Choose your top best books, dolls or artworks and display them artfully. Avoid displaying entire collections to make the room darker.

You may install wall-mounted shelves to display those items. Prefer to use light-colored or white-painted wood.

Deal With Furniture

Does your room have a ceiling to floor wooden bookshekves? How about dark TV cabinet? Or big bed with dark color bed covers? Heavy furniture can make the rooms more dreary. Use light furniture that are must-to-have.

Probably use white furniture or paint your wooden furniture with some light color that suits your wall painting. This can lighten, freshen, decorate and modernize your instantly.

Prefer not-to-use over stuffed, or highly carved furniture make your room to feel more heavy and dull. Use streamlined, that has less frills or carvings. Plain wooden furniture will give a pleasant look and feel to your room.

Strategic Lights fixing

Carefully place your light fixtures. In case of having too many spotlights or ceiling lights, fix it closer to the side walls. By which, you can cast lights down onto the walls. As well as use scones with shades that points upward and downward.

Still, if you don’t want to drill your walls for scones, then go with arc lamps Lights. You can also adjust placing it anywhere in the room.

Instead of using ceiling lights often, try using multiple lamps in darker places of the rooms. To put it simple, replace overhead lights with perimeter lights.

You may also fix under-cabinet lights to bring brightness in the edges/corners balancing the shadow of the cabinets.

In rooms that more dim like laundry rooms, try having semi-flush light that hangs almost closer to the ceiling reflecting the light and brightens the ceiling.

Table lamps are great choices to work on furniture. The table lamps design matters. Consider buying table lamps with hollow drum shades (openings at top and bottom).

Few Other Typical Ideas To Brighten Your Rooms

  • You may install skylights or solar tubes on the roofs to bring extra natural light in.
  • Have your floors to be mild. Put down a light rug to your footer area must be plain or even patterned with light colors. Otherwise, prefer to use light color carpets.
  • Often clean your rooms perfectly removing scuff marks on the walls and dusting shelves, windows and furniture.
  • Probably, use white curtains, mattresses, pillow covers, sofa covers or any other light colored fabrics.
  • Don’t place any tall items or furniture near or in front of the windows blocking the nature light that gets in.
  • Make sure to trim trees or bushes near the windows (outside) regularly. Even some experts suggest not to plant trees on the southern side of your house. Since, it will block solar warmth light to let in.

Final Take Away

I hope these ideas can help you to have brighter rooms even it lacks enough natural sun light inside. And, I don’t want you to restructure your room spending money for it. These are all simple, easy-to-do ideas to make your rooms lighter and brighter. Also, you find it spacious.

In case you are ready to invest more, then go for complete renovation like adding windows or transparent doors, or even removing any unwanted walls that blocks light source.

Try these ideas and let me know what has worked for you to brighten your dark rooms? How your room looks after brightening it up?

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