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Comparison between Native and Web App

You will find distinct advantages and disadvantages both with Native and web apps. Always you have to consider your priorities, needs, and goals.

Developing a mobile app always require extensive planning with precise execution. There’s a big decision you need to make before to dive head first into development as to whether you have to build a native app or a web app

What is Native Apps:

A native application is just like a software program that is developed to only use on a particular platform or deviceThe purpose of native app development is to use on a particular device and its OS because it has the ability to use on device-specific hardware and software.

The major feature of the native app is that it is developed or one device and installed directly onto that device. It is coded in a specific programming language such as:

  • Objective-C
  • Swift for iOS & C++ or Java for Android

What is Web Apps:

A Web Application is just like Software application program that executes on a Web Server and in contrast to traditional desktop applications that is designed for an only web browser. In order to access/use any Software Application (Desktop or Web Application), this Operating System is required or mandatory.

Both apps have the same features almost while their performance and optimization of each have stark contrasts.

Web Apps

Pros – Native Apps

Compatibility: Native apps are more compatible with the device’s existing features so the user found Native apps faster and more efficient

Software development kit (SDK): With the help of a software development kit (SDK) to build and fine tune of the app is simpler.

Offline Access: It can be accessed offline at any time

Safe and secure: Native apps are safer and secure just because they require approval from the app store

App Store Support: Normally the native apps get more support from the app store

Highly Accessibility:  These are so easier to find in the app store for the purpose of downloads.

Better Image Quality: To strengthen the image quality, the maintain apps maintain aspect ratios

Pros – Native Apps

Cons – Native Apps

Time and Cost: It takes a longer time to develop in the case when the app is going to develop for the compatibility across multiple platforms. Native apps usually cost a lot.

Maintenance Cost: Due to more hours and staff, the maintenance ace cost the same as development cost must be high.

App Store Approval: There may be a very lengthy approval process once you enter it at the app store.

Web App – Cons

Compatible with older devices: It’s easier to make a web app compatible with older devices

Easier to update: At the time of development, it is easier to update.

Web App – Co

Web App – Pros

High Development Budget: It is very difficult to maintain web app due to many different web browsers and available mobile devices so cost definitely will be high.

Accessibly on App Store: In-app store you can’t list web store so definitely we lost share from this channel.

Offline Use: Web apps can never be used offline

Push Notification: Push notifications can’t be forwarded from the web’s app.

Guaranteed Security: There is no such defined process to confirm an app’s safety

Lack of User Support: Sometimes it becomes tougher to provide support to users due to some reasons.

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