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How Modern Parents Use Parental Control Apps

Rapidly advancing technology has made our lives faster and more efficient. Modern parents have learned to use parental control apps to construct a safe digital world

Are you also a parent struggling to keep your sanity intact while monitoring your child navigating the intimidating digital world? If yes, do you know how parental control apps work as your accomplice in this journey to construct a safe digital world for your child?

In today’s competitive era, parenting brings a newly found set of challenges that is difficult to meet with. Parents, as well as children, rely heavily on communication, information, and transportation technology to make their lives easier and faster.

A responsible parent needs to raise a mature citizen by the correct and timely guidance. Let us find out how.

How to bring up a child in the digital age?

Technology has imparted significant changes in family structure and lifestyles. Children, since birth, are continuously exposed to technology. Have we ever given a thought about how this affects childhood development?   

Many schools are making tablets or smartphones mandatory for classroom activities, while others opt for an entirely technology-free environment. Both approaches have an individual group of supporters.

To provide them with the best kind of life, parents sometimes give in to their wishes and allow them to have expensive, modern gadgets. Not to end up pushing them into the wrong path, it is important to protect them from the toxic effect of the Internet.

Parental control apps allow parents to monitor their children’s activities online to keep them safe while roaming in the digital world. Bit Guardian Parental Control is a wonderful app with a variety of features to resolve a concerned parent’s queries.

How to monitor your child’s phone with Bit Guardian Parental Control?

Bit Guardian is a unique child monitoring app for android that works as a wonder for parents. It helps you raise a ‘screen-smart adult’ by giving them access to age-appropriate content and limiting the screen time.

Bit Guardian is technologically developed yet pretty easy to use and install.

It sticks to the traditional model of business, where a parent gets a seven-day trial period before purchasing the premium plan.

Only one app works for a parent and the child.

How to install Bit Guardian Parental Control?

There are 5 easy steps to install Bit Guardian.

  1. Download the app on a parent’s device and select the ‘parent mode.’
  2. Create an account, sign up by entering your name, email address, mobile number, and a secure password.
  3. Insert the password for the Data Protection Plan to prevent third parties from accessing your child’s confidential data.
  4. Add a kid with name, gender, phone number, and date of birth.
  5. Now install the app in the kid’s device. You can either use the parent credentials or scan the QR code from the parent device for login.

What are the functions of Bit Guardian Parental Control?

A kid can send SOS calls from any remote location to a parent when needed in an emergency.

A parent can supervise all the apps installed in a kid’s device and can lock any unsuitable app such as gaming, dating, gambling, or adult apps.

Access to the Play Store can be disabled to prohibit them from downloading any app.

A parent can customize kid’s home screen by keeping the useful apps only.

It enables parents to create a geofence (virtual border) around their children based on their schedule.

Bit Guardian gives you the authority to block unknown, unidentified, spam, or specific numbers in the contact list of your child.

It permits parents to plan a schedule for a child, including a bedtime routine and restricting screen time during crucial activities.

A parent can specify the number of hours during which access to particular apps is granted to the child.

In case a phone gets lost or stolen, Bit Guardian helps you to locate it with the help of GPS. You can also restore the phone to the factory setting lest it should fall in some menacing hands.

Today’s kids have easy availability of hi-tech gadgets and access to the high-speed Internet since birth. Parents need to start guiding them about digital etiquette at a young age by implementing model behavior in front of them.

A modern parent would not lag behind their kids when it comes to using technology. They build a strong relationship with their kids and invest in parental control apps to protect them from digital harm.

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